My Mom

My mom is the greatest mom there is. She is also a very sexy woman. She is 19 years older than me and I'm younger than she was when she had me. My father left about 3 years ago and since I began lusting after her I've whacked off many times watching her get fucked by her boyfriends. She doesn't go out often and always seems to find guys that are assholes. Mom is a pretty and voluptuous woman, she's about 165cm tall (little shorter than me), is probably about 80kgs, has shoulder length brown hair, her bra size is 36DD (they are about the size of a large watermelons), her waist has a little fat, her hips are very nicely shaped and wiggle perfectly on her shapely legs and her ass is big and smooth and the cheeks are perfectly round. I have seen her naked a number of times over the past few years and each time I do I want so much to fuck her that it's all I can think about for days, which means constant erections and hand-jobs. I sometimes watch her shower by opening the bathroom door a little, other times I sneak outside and stand outside her bedroom and watch her dress for bed and usually jerk off then because I can shoot my load onto the ground. But what really makes me want her is when I get to watch a guy fuck her.

Most times I don't get to see much because the lights are out but there has been times where the lights were on. When mom drinks she apparently gets horny because it's those times that the lights are usually on. The first time I watched I happened to be outside when her bedroom light came on so I went to the window in time to see her totally naked and her date was running his hands all over her while she took his clothes off. He bent her over next to the bed and I got to see her huge melons swing and yank back and forth while he fucked her from behind. And I shot a load on the wall below her window. There hasn't been a lot of these shows because these guys always seem to fuck her once and never return. Except for Gary. I remember mom coming home from work one day, excited that she had a guy coming for dinner that night, and I was excited thinking I would get to see her get fucked again. Not that night.

I didn't really care for Gary, he seemed to be rather cold toward me but mom was happy with him. I never did get to see him fuck her until last night. They had gone out for dinner and came home about ten, and seeing mom stagger a little I knew it was show-time so I headed outside. When I got to the window mom was already naked and sitting on the bed while Gary take his clothes off. Mom's tits were so beautiful, huge and almost on her lap, and I was enjoying the view when Gary pulled mom's head with one hand while the other guided his cock to her mouth. Mom put her hand on it and pushed it away, it was obvious that she wasn't going to suck his cock. He pushed her on to her back, folded her legs over her then directed his cock into her pussy. I couldn't help but notice that my cock was bigger than his and it gave me some pride thinking that when I finally get to fuck her, mom will really like my cock. I could see him driving in and out of my mother and I imagined my cock in place of his then after a few minutes he pulled out of her and seemed to roughly turn her over and lift her ass into the air. Moments later his cock was doggy-fucking her, and hard, so hard that the bed moved sideways. But it looked like mom was enjoying it because a few moments later her legs shook and her toes curled, then Gary pulled out and directed his cock to her ass-hole. When he pushed she reached back like she was trying to stop him and as he tried to enter her big ass I shot off all over the wall. Mom turned to face him and even through the closed window I heard her yell "NO!". Gary then pushed her onto her back and I watched as she struggled to keep him out of her but lost, then laid limp while he hammered her until he went off in her.

They argued while he dressed and I took it upon myself to go to her, passing him as he stormed out of the house. When I got to mom's bedroom I froze at the foot of the bed when I saw her, laying half on her side, one leg bent across the other, her big, beautiful ass in plain view, her wet cunt framed by her thighs and with her arm over her head I had a clear view of one large melon. "Mom, are you okay?" I knelt next to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

She was sobbing heavily, causing the tit to jiggle, and my cock to throb. "Hold me Richie. Please hold me." I laid next to her and when I put an arm under her head she pressed her naked body against me and put her head on my shoulder. "You're the only man I can trust." She slurred as I tried to look around her head at her body, thinking "she trusts me, her beautiful body is naked and against me and she trusts me." I held her close, and after a couple minutes I asked "Mom? Are you okay?" She did not answer, my cock was demanding action now. "Mom?" I gently moved a hand to the big tit on my chest and when I touched it I thought my cock was going to explode. I got my other hand out from under her head and worked it to the other tit and I realized mom was not stopping me. My mind was racing, was she going to let me fuck her, no, she was passed out. Then I started to struggle, do I fuck her or not? What if she wakes up? I pulled my arm from under her and moved away, her head dropped onto the pillow. I got up from the bed and took my shorts off, "This is it, I'm finally going to fuck my mother". I spread her legs then positioned her flat on her back, I wanted this to last. Laying between her shapely legs I admired her crotch, it's thick black bush, the pink folds of flesh parted to reveal the opening where I intended to put my cock, but first I was going to spend some time with her big melons. All the while I kissed, caressed and otherwise enjoyed her awesome body I struggled with her earlier comment of me being the only man she could trust and when I moved up between her thighs, my throbbing cock in my hand and aimed for her cunt the trust thing came over me and I stopped.

I remained in bed with mom, both of us naked, for the night waking up over and over to caress and kiss and suck on her tits and even once slipped two fingers into her cunt. About 3am I jerked off into her bra, put my shorts back on then laid next to my naked mother and had one more look before pulling the blankets over us then went to sleep.

I had my stiff cock within inches of going into her and her words changed my plans. I've always loved my mother dearly and would never do anything to hurt her and if I had fucked her, like I've wanted to for so long, I think I would have forever lost that trust she mentioned while I held her beautiful body next to me.

But there was a part of me that kept saying "You should have fucked her, even if she did find out at least you would have got what you wanted and she would have forgiven you, after all that's what mothers do, right"


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  • OMG! I wouldn't have been able to stop myself from fucking my mom in the same situation.

  • You were right not to take advantage of her. All sex should be consensual. Try to seduce her and be extra flirty, especially when she has had a few drinks. See if she is open to sharing her bed with you ideally naked and let nature take its course.

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