Mates hole

Woke up a few weeks ago having my morning glory sucked. But I wasn't in the same bed I share with my wife.
And it wasn't my wife sucking on my dick.
It was Alex, a mate of mine I've known since we were in school together.
Alex is gay and has always wanted me to fuck him.
As soon as I realised where I was and who was so expertly sucking on my cock, I remembered the night before, gripped his head and fucked his mouth.
When I climbed out of his huge bed to take a shower, I first looked at my cum oozing out of his arsehole.
I'd fucked him every which way until I busted my nut, twice, up his rear fuck pipe
He lay there smiling up at me, said hurry back, but I dressed instead after my shower.
Telling him to wait, I drove to the shops, bought some food and milk (Alex never has any food in) and drove back.
On the way back I phoned my wife. She picked up after a few rings and I could hear the tiredness in her voice.
We chatted for a while and I told her I missed her. She said her flight back was delayed by three hours. I smiled, not out of some horrible way she was delayed, but because I knew I'd have lots of time to fuck Alex again.
Back at his place I didn't let him rise. Instead I used my cum up his arse as lube and spent the next hour fucking him over and over again.
Picking my wife up from the airport later on, we kissed and I told her I was bored without her.
She had me pull over on the way back, right by a spot where we first had sex. It was her old car back then. Now it was the front seat of my 4x4 that she mounted my cock.
Back at the house, I made her some coffee before crashing out on the sofa.
I was knackered and totally drained. Both energy and cum.
There are no excuses as to why I'm fucking my best mate. I just had the opportunity and now I love fucking him every chance I get.

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  • Fucking ass is great. male or female. However female ass is usually more attractive . Do you ever take him up the ass? If not, why? Try it, I think you'll like it.

  • He said he fucked his buddy in the ass! It is great fun with either sex! With a guy you can reach around and jerk him off. With a gal you can reach around and play with her tits!

  • Ugh!

  • So you fucked some Aids infestered phag up the ass, and you are going to give your unsuspecting wife whatever disgusting diseases he gave you. Hope you die soon and rot in Hell. If you are going to go gay, at least have the decency to break up with your woman.

  • Guess you've got issues dealing with your own supressed homosexual desires or you wouldn't be reading these posts and commenting on them.

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