Crossdresser in heaven

Hi my name is Cassie H. I am a crossdresser from Lakeland fl. one of my best friends just told that a friend of ours wanted to talk to me about something very serious and ask her if she know what it was about she that she had a pretty good ideal of what it was but she thought I should hear for him so I said ok so a little back ground about this guy me and him have met up a lot and I mean a lot and a lot of sex too he has a cock 12 inches long and as thick as a Stanley coffee thermos so he is very hung if u know what I mean and I love licking on that cock but he is very gentle with me and he just dose not fuck me he makes love to me and I have so many orgasms it unreal and I love it well he came over this morning and took that huge cock and put it in me and oh my god it was so great and for the first time he cumed inside me and it was a lot and so after we made love he ask me something I never thought I would ever hear he ask me to be his girlfriend I was in shock it took a minute or to get my shit together but I said yes so now I have a boyfriend oh did I tell u that he is 34 and I am 58 and I took that huge cock and I sucked on every inch of it and got on top of him and slide that huge cock in my ass and had a orgasms and he fuck me for hours I love having a boyfriend fun times are here I love it

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  • Im'e not too sure exactly what you are Cassie, I am a crossdresser really love it been doing it for years with the support of my wife, her best friend and my mother in law but I am straight could never imagine playing with a male, at home I am always 100% Femme and sometimes I will go out with one of the girls dressed and made up it is very liberating.
    I suppose you could be a Gay Crossdresser anyhow all the best darling

  • I love your story, I particularly love the way your friend makes love to you as its so important!

    I live in the UK, I'm a crossdresser and I have been cultivating my feminine appearance for years and can actually go out en-femme and be accepted by both sexes. I am 52, slim with long legs and have a size 38B bust. I wear my hair long so I don't have to wear a wig and take care of my complexion with face crème night and day. I live on my own, divorced some years ago and have two regular boyfriends who are married but bi-sexual.
    I adore sexy silky ladies clothes and buy expensive vintage silk lingerie, suspenders and stockings. I have small feet, size 7, so I can wear high heels, which of course make my bum and thighs look pert!! I love floaty silky dresses which waft up in the wind, this feels gorgeous and shows off my silky lacy slip.
    My boyfriend Brian is the same age as me and has a long straight penis which goes right inside and "reaches the parts" and makes me squeal. He likes to take me from behind with my dress and slip pulled up to my waist and my knickers on and pulled aside and he loves me to wear pink lingerie. Brian takes his time with me, sometimes 40 minutes fucking until he explodes his semen into me.
    James on the other hand is slightly younger and very sexy, likes being naked kissing and making love with me just wearing lingerie, stocking and heels. He has a thicker penis and always very erect. He likes me to be laying on my back with a pillow under my bum to take me from the front so as to kiss me when he is inside me. James can go for more than an hour making love and he is gorgeously hairy. I love taking my breasts out of their bra and feeling his chest hair rubbing against me, it drives me wild and with my legs wrapped tight around his thighs I trap his penis inside me and I love to feel his foreskin pull back as he thrusts into me.

  • Your stories are so sexy and nice why not post some darling xx

  • My boyfriend Brian came to my flat last night, he had told his wife that he was "out with the boys". He had phoned me in the afternoon so I had time to get home from work to shower, shave and change.

    I felt so horny as I dressed in my gorgeous pink suspender and stockings, pulled my silky nylon knickers up, my penis was so erect as it felt the nylon fabric slide on to it. I put a pink satin bra on and then slipped on a lovely lacy silk full slip . I had decided to wear a white silk dress beautifully floaty with very feminine fine pleats on the skirt. I knew Brian would love me in that and it was all finished off with a pair of white strappy wedge high heels. I stood in front of the full length mirror and wanted to fuck Valerie myself!!!!

    Brian arrived at seven, I let him in, we kissed, he held me at arms length "you look so good, so sexy Valerie", I took his hand and led him into the bedroom, he was stripped naked in seconds, his huge member jerking with arousal, he took me into his arms, I felt his erection push against my body "I love your silky clothes" he said lifting the hem of my skirt "I'm so randy tonight Valerie" he whispered as he caressed my knickers "and you feel big to you naughty girl, bend over I want to smack your bottom".

    I bent over and felt my dress lifted and then my slip I felt his erection push against my knickers "I thought you were going to smack my bottom you naughty boy" I squeaked "all in good time" he whispered, he spread my legs and began to tease me with his penis pushing against the gusset of my knickers, he was so hard and big, his penis reached through my thighs to my testicles, I was loving it.

    I could feel his excitement as he gently smacked my bottom thrusting his erection between my thighs, I wanted him in me, I opened my legs more widely "OH! you do want me badly you naughty girl" I felt him lift the gusset of my knickers. squeeze some gel on my anus and that big head spreading my cheeks as it entered me.

  • Part 2.

    He was so big and urgent I thought he would reach my heart with his penis gripping my hips and thrusting so deeply, I was loving it. I felt like his little girl that he wanted so badly, I clenched my cheeks sucking his knob in with each thrust, he was such a bull. As he fucked me his hand went into my knickers and onto my own erection, holding it tightly as we rocked together in time with his thrusts, I felt his penis swell, he was cumming and so was I at the thought of his spunk unloading into me, he was masturbating my erection fast now, I thought of myself cumming into my silky knickers, his thrusts got quicker, "spunk me my darling" I squealed and that big knob head spurted its cum splattering my insides while I shot my spunk into my silky knickers. What lovers we are, if only his wife knew what he could do!!!

  • So nice really love your stories you must be a very sexy gurl

  • Yes darling I am and I just love dressing and having my boyfriends relieve themselves up my bottom. They are both really good strong white spunkers and great looking too!! They both love me in my silky lingerie and I love pretending to be their little girl as I am really feminine with a high pitched voice. They both like me to squeal when they are fucking me, crying out for more which is no effort for me to do as they please!!! Brian has a huge knob head which I can really feel as he draws his penis back just before he thrusts again. He masturbates me very fast while he is fucking me and I love it. I pretend that my penis is a clitoris and when I cum its a female orgasm, long and hard, soaking my silky knickers.

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