TV night

After splitting with my wife fairly recently, a friend and I went out to a bar I'd never been in before.
Long story short, I got hooked up with a beautiful looking brunette. My friend tried to tell me something, but I was too tipsy and too horny to listen to his comments.
Taking the lady back to her place, we soon got down to kissing and feeling each other up. It was then I put my right hand on her cock.
Rather than shy away or feel repulsed, I went with it and had the sexual time of my life.
We did just about everything over the next couple of hours, with me fucking that gorgeous ass of hers a number of times. Sucking his/her tiny cock wasn't an issue either, as I drained her balls in my mouth, swallowing my first ever load.
Waking up the following morning, there were no next day regrets and we fucked again and again until I literally couldn't cum anymore.
Its the most turned on I've ever been and since that night I've been round to her home several times.
I never knew I had a gay streak in me. Now I do and it's fucking awesome.

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  • Nothing better than the best of both worlds

  • I fantasize about what it would be like to have boobs. I think I look super sexy in ladies clothes, and would love to pick up some men

  • Joeh81421@gmail cum n get it

  • That’s great I would do the same

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