Webmaster of this site

Hey motherfucker. If you can't do your fucking job and update this fucking website within reason, maybe you should get a different fucking job ya asshole.

I mean for real how fucking hard is it to keep a shitty fucking website updated where you do absolutely fucking NOTHING except post what other people have written. I mean it's not that fucking hard douchebag. If you can't do your fucking job, maybe try putting our post in automatic mode so we don't have to wait for your dumb fucking ass. For fuck sake, post the updates already, ya fucking retarded. Fuck!!



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  • If you want to have someone censor what you read and express, move to China. I don't like reading what rabid feminists say so I simply choose not to read it. Easy! This site's webmaster is doing a great job by keeping it free flowing.

  • You fuckin whinging cunts need a massive kick in the balls (Oh sorry assuming you have some) if you don't like the way the site is being managed just fuck off we don't need pricks like you

  • Get stuffed you dickhead, maybe if you contributed some funds people would care less, other than that shut the fuck up you prick

  • Yeah I really think this site sucks if you know what I mean.

  • EAT MY ASSHOLE YOU FUCKERS! I hate you all. Hope you all get the runs for a week and then shit yourselves. Sorry having a bad day MOTHER FUCKERS!

  • Hey, you disrespectful ass wipe. It's a free site. Nobody forces you to read or post on here. If you don't like it, don't come here. The webmaster probably has a life outside of entertaining you perverted little fuck wads who come here to wank your pud over some bullshit fantasy story that people make up in hopes of getting a half dozen likes.

  • Hey did the OP make fun of your boyfriend bitch? Me thinks you protest to much. Go home and take his cock in your fuck holes. Eat some semen you'll feel better. Cock eatin mother fucking dick breath sperm eating prick face testicle loving moron. Have a nice evening bro. See Ya!!!!!!!!!!! Punk Asshole eating shit fucker.

  • Lmfao..... somebody is butthurt... 😂😂😂

  • Not yet! I'll hurt your butt with my massive cock up your habitrail hunting hole. My cock, your sofa, your asshole, your enjoyment. I'll fold it over for double the pleasure. LOL!

  • Hey dick fuck. Your nasty fucking pud whacking ass is on here too. So don't be so fucking hysterical, ya cum dumpster. The OP makes a good point, the webmaster (and it's probably you) runs a public website where the post are reviewed. If he (or you) can't review the post in a timely manner, then set it up so submissions automatically get posted. It's not like any of the submissions are being filtered out for "inappropriate" content anyway. I mean for fuck sake he (you) post nasty shit about child abuse. So fuck off retarded, you're no fucking better.

  • Suck my big huge fucking dirty plow stick you little fucking cum dumpster crawling cunt face

  • Do you're a faggot

  • The webmaster (who is probably NOT me) runs a PRIVATE website, onto wit he/she allows the general public to submit posts, upon his/her approval, after review. There is no contractual, moral, or ethical obligation to post them within any given time frame, nor to post them at all. As I stated in my previous comment, if you don't like the way they run this website, find another one. Or maybe you should start your own, then you can deal with the self absorbed egotistical ass wipes who just can't wait (literally) to see their bullshit stories posted on some website that only has dozens of viewers, most of which are the ones posting. You can even set it up to automatically post, instantly, anything that people post. Just be sure, depending on which country you reside in, to have a competant legal counsel standing by to defend your "right" to publish anything you desire on the WWW.

  • His review of post is bullshit. He's a sick motherfucker who allows pedophiles to get their rocks off posting sick shit about kids. You are right about one thing, there's only a hand full of people on this site. Considering you are the MOST offended by the comments, stands to reason YOU would be the one defending your shitty website.

  • Finally fucking posted and didn’t even post mine.

  • So what did you expect prick

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