I'm Not Too Old

My name is Marilyn, I'm 73 years old and I just had sex with my step-daughter's teen aged son, actually I have to say it was incredible sex, and it was his idea that I tell the world on this website. While watching him work in my yard I found myself having impure thoughts about him, his muscular body, his tanned skin, the sweat rolling down his chest, and the bulge in his shorts. When he was finish I invited him in for lemonade and home-made cookies, but not before I changed into a very light, pink blouse which did not hide my breasts, and a short skirt with a slit all the way to my waist that revealed my long legs. And, no panties.

Tyler looked me over very closely, making sure that I knew it. When he called me a "Hot GILF" I had to ask what is a GILF? He was not at all shy, he stood before me, dropped his shorts revealing the largest penis I ever remember seeing (and I've seen a few), then he said a GILF is a Grandmother I'd Like to F**k. I was shaking and could not take my eyes off of his groin and it's rapidly hardening manhood.

He led me to the couch where he removed the few clothes I had on, laid me down and proceeded to give my body something it hadn't had in a long time. A spine-tingling, leg shaking orgasm. It had been so long that I could not remember having such an intense climax. Then, while I was still trembling, he pulled out of me and presented his throbbing shaft before my face and told me "I want to cum in your mouth". It was something I had always avoided doing in the past but for some reason I opened my mouth and as soon as he was in it, I started to suck on it. Moments later he filled my mouth with his semen and after gagging on it I managed to swallow it, while he smiled at me. When he took it out of my mouth he slowly wiped it on my breasts, then laid next to me.

Tyler was gentle and loving during our time on the couch and assured me that he would "do" me again because he said I was awesome. I let him know that he too was awesome, but didn't let him know I would let him "do" me any time he wanted.

Then he suggested that I submit my story and let the world know how much I enjoyed it. Word's cannot describe how much I enjoyed it.

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  • Good for you keep doing him

  • I totally agree

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