Crippling crush

I kinda just discovered something that turns me on, but in an embarrassing way that is almost crippling.

I'm a guy, 20s, in college. There's a teacher pretty much everyone on campus has a huge crush on: she's married, supposedly in her 40s even though she looks way younger. She's beautiful, sexy, incredibly funny and intelligent (she's the artsy type, glasses and everything). And she's also a tease, so yeah, she drives all of us male students crazy.

This semester I had to take her class, but there was a minor twist: she came back pregnant from the summer break. And I found myself having a harder time concentrating the bigger she became.

So yeah: turns out pregnant women turn me on. Big time. As embarrassing as that is, there have been instances when that was outright crippling. I failed one exam because I couldn't take my eyes off her belly and her tits, which got noticeably bigger. The most humilliating one: she's now on the final stretch, so accidents happen to her. One time I had to escape to the bathroom and jerk off because one of her tits leaked a little (just remembering it gives me a hard on). I guess it's normal to be attracted to certain body types or body parts (just as some are extremely attracted to feet). But is it normal to the degree it happens to me?

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  • Late 60's we had total babe prof, early 40's, married. One guy said he fucked her, I thought bullshit -- then another, then another. One guy I knew well said he had her too. He said he asked for a conference (like the others did) and she would fell you out. "Would you like to meet me off campus?" And all you had to do is say yes. She took them to her house, smoke pot -- then sex --she said her husband didn't care -- workaholic lawyer -- never got home till 8.
    I actually had her as a customer in the deli at the supermarket I worked at. Although she was hot for 40, I never gave fucking her much thought -- my girlfriend had a Playboy offer -- did the test shots but turned them down. From a small conservative town, she just couldn't and the money wasn't that great. But I still have copies of those birthday suit test shots. I'm 71 now -- to think I was fucking that fresh meat -- sometimes 5x a day - outdoors, in the car - my room, hers -- on the 50 yard line at night.

  • I had that happen to me, only I was 10 years old, when I first got my pregnancy fetish, my mom was pregnant, and when her belly first grew, I snuck off to my room to jerk off too, it happened on a Saturday morning, especially since my mom had on a seethrough nighty, so through the sheer front of her nighty, I saw what her baby bump looked like, she'd had on big huge panties, her breasts were swollen under her bra. Whenever she stood up, her panties almost up to her bra, then whenever she sat down, her panties rode up to her bra. She was about 5 months pregnant at the time she'd started showing. At age 10, I felt weird about it, then when my mom that day caught on that her belly, and panties were making my dick hard, especially when I said "It's that you're going to have a baby that's making my penis bother me." She pulled off her nighty, the way her little sliver of belly showed between her bra and panties, she did a handjob on the bulge in my little underwear.

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