It just kind of happened continued

Sorry for the delay, I ran out of time at the end of my story. It then took a while for it to post, so I didn't think it was going to happen. Then when it did post, I haven't had time to finish. My apologies. Here's the rest.

I couldn't believe my hand was squeezing my mom's boob, something I have wanted to do for fifteen years. they're not huge, but definitely more than a handful, and still surprisingly firm. My mom still slowly stroking my cock over my sweats, whispers into my ear, "You have such a nice cock Greg." Hearing this, I felt no hesitation in telling my mom that I've wanted to do this since I was a teen. "You are so sexy mom, if we don't stop now, we're going to end up in bed," I said half joking. "I'm so horny Greg...I want you fuck me...fuck me now." she said hoarsely. I hadn't been laid in a few months, so I wasn't going to waste this opportunity. I stood up taking my mom's hand in mine, then leading her to my bedroom.

My mom immediately finished removing her t-shirt, tossing it on the floor. I could only admire the tits I have thought of so many times over the years. My cock was protruding substantially through my sweats, with a big precum wet spot were my cockhead is. I removed my t-shirt as well, my mom smiling as she kicked off her sandals, and pulled off her jeans. I was shocked to see my mom wasn't wearing panties, her trimmed brown bush revealed to my eyes. It made my cock jerk seeing it, as I have never liked a shaved pussy. I like to know I'm not with a little girl. Almost in a trance I slid off my sweats, my cock springing up toward the ceiling. Now both naked, I watched my mom's nice ass as she pulled off all the covers on the bed, only leaving the pillows. Laying on her side, she gave me an inviting lustful smile.

I got on the bed with my mom and we immediately engaged in a passionate kiss, our tongues rhythmically swirling around. My hard cock against her stomach, mom's tits against my chest, I began fingering her wet pussy. As soon as I start, my mom breaks our kiss saying out of breath, "Don't finger me, fuck me honey," she growled. We roll over so that I was on top, and looking into each others eyes full of desire. "I've imagined this so many times," I say to my mom with a groan. "So have I Greg," my mom reply's softly.

I extend my arms looking down her body from her tits, down to her bush. I move back enough to bring the head of my cock to my mom's wet pussy lips, then I slowly push inside. "Ooooohhh," my mom moans as I move into love canal until the head of my cock hits bottom. I couldn't believe how tight my mom's pussy was, it must be from lack of sex I thought. "Oh Greg, you're cock feels so good," my mom exclaims as I begin moving inside her. Pulling back to the head of my cock, before plunging back down to her pussy bottom. "Oh mom, I can't believe how tight you are, your pussy feels so good," I growl back. We begin fucking harder and faster, my pelvis banging against my mother's clit. Mom's getting vocal now, "Oh Greg, oh yes, you feel so good, oh baby," she keeps saying loudly. "Oh mom, you feel so fucking good, I don't know how long I'm going to be able to last," I say breathing very heavy. "Oh baby, I'm going to cum right now," my mom almost shouts. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh god, feels so fucking good, oh honey, oh honey, oh yes, aaaaahhhh" my mom shouts out! At that moment I feel my balls tightening, and my sperm traveling through my shaft, and then shooting thick streams into my mom's pussy. "Oh mom, oh mom, you feel so fucking good, I love your pussy, yes, yes, ah, oh god, oh god, ooooooooohhh," I yell out loud!


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  • After my mother and dad divorced my mother got custody of me. As the years went by I got to know her body well. I was afraid of the disgust and guilt my mother would give me to make a move on her. Looking back with the body she had I wish I would have made a move on her.

  • This I believe is very common that people are afraid to approach a parent or sibling for sex and end fighting off natural urges. I was lucky enough to have a sexual relationship with my mum and look back with fond memories. It is something that no one should ever feel guilty about or fearful.

  • My mom's old now, but if only I could go back in a time machine to when she was younger, I'd be all over her. Feeling those tits, sucking them nipples, and fucking her pussy multiple times daily.

  • How old is your mother? I'm 73 and I've been doing one of my grandsons for almost a year now. Five years ago I did his father, my son, a few times and it was great! We had always been close but when he told me that he wanted me, I couldn’t deny wanting him. Vodka was involved, but feeling his huge manhood in me was so good that I had to have more. Unfortunately he was killed in a car crash on his way to me. That was the last time I'd had a man in me, until his teen son seduced me. Regardless of her age, your mother would probably appreciate a man in her again. You could start with the same question my grandson had for me, "When was the last time you got it on with a man?". Having him ask that immediately got my "birdie" warm and moist, the rest, as they say, is history. But luckily for me it is history in the making.

  • Nice! Every son's fantasy

  • Only if the mom is attractive. lol

  • Lol. Your mom is your mom.

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