Working time fun

I am married and to a lovely guy. Only the sex in our marriage is, well hardly no sex at all.
I own and work in a florist shop. Something I set up independently from my husband and it is, pardon the pun, flourishing.
The shop is set in a semi rural area and close by to me is a shop that sells almost anything. It's run and part owned by an older black man called Dennis.
I've known him for nine years, since setting up my business and up until the spring this year, it had been just a "hello, how are things going" type of relationship.
During a very bad downpour in spring, Dennis popped into my shop just to get out of the torrent which was falling around lunch time. We began to chat, then Dennis noticed what i'd been reading, a lonely hearts/sex advise column in a magazine.
He asked me if I wasn't getting any in a jokey sort of way. I answered without thinking by telling him, I'd be lucky to feel my husbands arousal once a year.
Instantly he replied by telling me, if I was his wife, he'd be pleasuring me every day, most probably more than once.
I'm not sure if it was his comment, the reading of the magazine, or just that it had been a long time since I'd felt a mans erection in my hands or between my pussy lips, that I told him if he had time, I had a back room with a large sofa.
Kissing Dennis was just so overwhelming. It was asexual kiss, not the hello and goodbye kisses my husband gave me. And it drove me absolutely wild with passion. Not caring about my stuffy life at that moment, I gripped Dennis's growing penis through his trousers and longed to feel it sliding over my tongue.
I knew from holding it through the material it was much larger than my husbands. And I also knew no matter what, I was going to have this tall, athletic black man fuck me.
Before I knew it, we were both semi naked and I had Dennis licking and sucking on my small breasts and large nipples. His right hand was between my legs and he was slowly manipulating my pussy hole and my clit.
I was shaking from his attentions, yet it didn't stop me stroking his magnificent cock and hoping we had time to fuck.
Telling him quickly, I wanted him inside of me, he replied by telling me, he didn't fuck a pretty woman like me before he explored her pussy and arse with his mouth and tongue.
In no previous experience or time in my life, have I had a man go down on me as Dennis did that rain affected day. From the moment his tongue licked my lips and moved in between my labia's and on to my clitoris, I was totally transfixed and yearning for him to make me orgasm.
It must have been at least half an hour of pure ecstasy as he tongued my pussy and arsehole. Not a first for me, anal stimulation, but it hadn't happened since a previous boyfriend to my husband.
I climaxed not once, but multiple times as I first lay on my back on the sofa, then Dennis had me kneeling up so he could delve his tongue deep up my backside.
By the time he put his huge bulbous cock head to my pussy opening from behind, i was literally begging him to fuck me.
After such a long time without feeling a hard throbbing cock inside me, it shocked me just how horny I was for him and his large shiny black cock. I'd wanted to taste it, to suck it, but Dennis wasn't waiting and I was so glad in the end he didn't.
As his cock slowly entered me, I gasped and he stopped. He thought he'd hurt me, yet I wanted him so badly, I cried out for him to fuck me. Hearing me telling him I wanted sex that desperately, Dennis thrusted hard into my pussy and kept on fucking me time and time again, until I'd orgasmed beyond anything I'd ever achieved or felt before.
The sensation of pure unadulterated sex going through my body was overwhelming at times, and his long shaft filled me inside so thoroughly I almost struggled to breath properly.
With yet another orgasm subsiding, he moved us around so I was on my back again. Sliding his cock what I thought was going to be back into my pussy, he put his cock head to my arsehole and pushed in. It was uncomfortable more than painful, but then I was till reeling from a huge orgasm. Dennis leaned over me, we kissed and as we kissed he entered me fully. It hurt then, but I didn't care and even gripped his arse cheeks pulling the black fifty two year old deeper inside of me.
Kissing and fucking with the sofa creaking beneath us, I heard the shop door bell ring. Ignoring it we carried on fucking as i thought who ever it was would eventually leave. I was right as a couple of minutes later without ever checking, the door bell rang again and I heard it bang shut.
Only a few minutes more and Dennis began to thrust into em much harder and with longer faster strokes. My arsehole had gotten used to his size by then, so I ground into him as he fucked me and wham, groaning and arching back, he came deep up my backside, filling my rear hole with his hot semen.
We lay coupled for a minute or so, both catching our breath. Then after kissing me passionately, he rose and I witnessed the engorged black cock that had just given me so much pleasure.
Smiling down at me, he told me from then on I was going to enjoy our new found relationship. And that man, that wonderful endearing sexual black man, Dennis, has been more than true to his word.
About a week after our first liaison, and after returning home from another sexual afternoon with Dennis, my husband asked me if I locked my shop door during lunch times. I told him I did. His response was "You didn't last week when Dennis was visiting".
He didn't add anything else and I didn't say a thing. However about a month or so later he asked me if I was happier person. When I asked why, my husband replied "Because I think Dennis makes you, and because of that, me happy too".
We've not spoken about Dennis and I having sex, but my husband knows were getting together in my shop and Dennis's flat more often these days, which is above his shop.
It's an arrangement I'm extremely happy with. I know Dennis is after becoming a widower a few years before. And my husband, he can't be angry at either of us can he. After all he's invited Dennis round for Christmas and has decorated our guest bedroom for Dennis and I sleep in when he's here. Only I doubt we'll be doing much sleeping.


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  • When I married my wife she was 22, and working for a shady lawyer. I knew he had the hots for her, she was cute and young. He told her to wear short dresses and high heels to portray a look as the beautiful receptionist at a powerful lawyers office. She was all into it, she was always been flirted with and asked out by the men who came to do business. Eventually it led to her going out for drinks with clients, the boss would take her, a receptionist, for dinner and drinks with high dollar clients. We knew why he did it and it worked. She ended up having an affair with him at the office. She called it all off when he tried to push her to be sexual with a client. She broke it off and told me everything after she quit. She was under a spell of his power and influence and money. She was so broken about giving him herself. She was so embarrassed and humiliated that he had done every sex act to her, and had her do things she didn’t like or want to do or had done before, like facials, swallowing and anal sex. I forgave her but it still bugs me that he has pictures and mobile phone videos of her and him having sex. I know he won’t use them against her since it’ll ruin him, but it’s just concerning anyway.

  • Nigger fucking whore!

  • Years ago I worked in a data room which was secure, I worked the afternoon shift. This woman worked the normal day shift and would come in around 430 everyday to drop off the data books, yes this was years ago. She was mid 40's and smoking hot but I always kept my mouth shut but she was always pretty outgoing and sometimes stayed for a minute striking up conversation. She asked me a few times if it got lonely in here at night and I remembered telling her that after 6 pm no one else comes in so it does sometimes get that way.
    One evening after she had already come and gone I heard the door open at like 7, this surprised me and when I looked over it was the smoking hot 40 something. I asked her what was up and next thing I know we are kissing and she tells me that she wants me to fuck her brains out, I could not believe I remembered at the time that the room had 24 hour security cameras running. I calmly told her that fact but told her I would still love to do this and told her I could come over to her place after work around 1130. She looked at me and said my office, now! I spent several evenings in her office pleasuring her and getting pleasured, miss the hell out of those days.

  • I worked 3rd shift in IT and we have a secured room for our servers. The security people would come around every night checking the door. Like you I would chat with whomever came checking. One day this girl came around and said she was the new security guard. About 2 months later she came by one night and was crying. I asked her if she was ok and she started telling me about her boyfriend who had dumped her. Long story short, I consoled her and we ended up fucking right there in the server room. Best night at work ever.

  • I’m in a similar situation. But I’m 43, and the man in my life is my boss, who’s 66. He is smaller than my husband, down there. But my husband always relied on size alone. My boss has always enjoyed my ass and he is a very talented lover. We’re both married and uninterested in making any changes on that front and have been carrying this on for many years. I’m glad you’ve found this man and that your husband is willing to grant you this.

  • My younger chick boss flirted with me. I was all hesitant flirting back, thinking how that could play out these days. On my last day I officially retired at Noon. and she took me to lunch. She was really flirting and I was too -- no holds bared now. she "want to see my bucket list" and I'm like sure. Some things were checked off, Grand Cannon, go on a cruse. While reading down "could you help me check one off? -- then I see "give Billy a Blowjob." CHECK.

  • I'll bet the women love this story but the men will not. The women love a story where the wife who hasn't had sex for ages gets fucked and sucked by another guy and loves him for it. The husband is blindsided by the wife's affair and can only go along with it since he knows he can no longer please her. I suspect the men see themselves as the husband, in denial, clueless and sexless. The women see themselves as the wife who is living life to the fullest. She is fucking a guy who knows how to treat a woman very well in bed. She goes from day to day waiting for her lover to screw her. Sooner or later she may decide to increase her time with lover boy and spend less time with hubby. She may put hubby in the guest room and let her lover sleep in the master bedroom. As time goes on she will not even know hubby is alive, and will not care. Her life will revolve around her lover and no one else.

  • I'm a married man and I love this story.Love my wife but had to accept she needed more sexually.So her male friend is a regular visitor,about 3 to 4 times a week.My wife and I have an otherwise normal marriage,she just doesn't require me for sex anymore.Her lover has partially moved in and its now normal for me to come home and him be there.They try and not have sex when I'm there but I have come home to them doing it.Have peeked out of curiosity and was quite turned on.Sometimes I wake to find them asleep in the spare bed.My wife loves me but I know she feels something for him too.We have spoken about babies and she says she wants to have both of ours.I guess its almost 2020 so any kind of marriage can work out.

  • You fit the description of the loser husband in this story

  • I guess but I've lost nothing

  • Good for you darling. Don't let some of these prudes, with there name calling, and rude comments, discourage you from having some great sex. You and Dennis seem to be enjoying it. Apparently your husband doesn't mind. In fact to me it sounds like he's relieved that he doesn't have to try to satisfy you anymore. Sound like everybody's happy, no harm, no foul. Enjoy.

  • Live it up now, God will judge your committing adultery one day! And even if you do not believe, well your still a whore to your wedding vows. Your sick and a sad women.

  • If hubby doesn't walk out the door he is crazy

  • What's your age? And do you and husband have kids?

  • So great sweetie, do you let Den do you doggy style (you on all fours) ?

  • That is so good very happy for you darling, particularly love the fact you love anal it is ever so great

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