Feeling extremely horny, and having had a bit of a bust up with my husband over sex, I began to masturbate on the couch in our living room.
I didn't then own a dildo or vibrator, so after bringing myself to orgasm with my fingers and still feeling unsatisfied, I went and got a cucumber we'd bought the day before. Warming it under the hot tap first, I then went back into the lounge and used it to fuck myself with after removing the cellophane.
It was an amazing experience I gave myself, fucking my pussy and arsehole whilst frigging my clit. I drove myself to three more orgasms with the cucumber, then washed it, but then thought I'd throw it away.
About ten minutes after I'd put the cucumber on the kitchen work surface (I thought), I got a call from work and had to dash out. It was only a brief trip into work, about an hour, but that was long enough for my husbands parents to be sat in our lounge.
It wasn't them being there that made my jaw drop, it was my mother in law stating she and my father in law had made a sandwich and hoped I didn't mind.
I walked into the kitchen to find no cucumber on the work surface, but back in the fridge and it had been used as part of what they were eating.
I cannot tell you how embarrassed I was, but I had no time to feel ashamed, as my husband walked in early from work and declared the reason his parents were round, was we were all going out to watch a summer in the park concert I'd totally forgotten about.
All throughout the concert, al I could think about was my in laws chomping away on the cucumber which I'd used to fuck my pussy and arse.
Needles to say i've now bought a dildo and a vibrator, as my husband cannot match my growing sexual needs.


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  • This post is about a vegan fetish where you have a desire to stuff anything except meat or fish up your pussy. It usually starts with a carrot, progresses to a parsnip, cucumber, aubergine and then the ultimate, a marrow. By then the pussy is so extended that even a horse would get no sensation from it!!
    So all in all, you were lucky dear that you had not gone further or your husband would have thought his prick was entering a bus garage next time he fucked you.
    As for someone eating a cucumber flavoured with your vaginal juices, they would have thought the knife that cut the cucumber had not been washed thoroughly after filleting fish. They would not have said anything in case it caused offence.

  • I caught my mom using a cucumber as a dildo while masturbating. I got so horny, I dropped my pants and told my mom, "My dick is bigger than that cucumber." She stared at my cock for about a minute before saying, "My god it is." I tossed the cucumber, replacing it with my hard dick. Then I fucked my mom to prove it was bigger.

  • If you've got a dick bigger than a cucumber mate, you would never get an erection !!!!!!!!! Good story though.

  • Once, when my microwave oven broke down, my girlfriend shoved a couple of hot dogs up her vag and warmed them up so I could eat them. She marinated them in her hot pussy juice for about thirty minutes, best damn hot dogs I ever ate. Her pussy tasted like hot dogs for the next two nights also. Deliscious. My new girlfriend refuses to cook hot dogs that way for me now. I'm a sad man.

  • Try some poo dogs next. It’s special brown sauce.

  • Sick, dude. There's a big difference between heating a hot dog in a vagina and stuffing one up your ass.

  • Just different sauce

  • DAMN that's tuff. Lol shit I feel you though... he'll I wish i could help with those urged I got some stories of my own.

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