How i got my wife to do a 3sum

My wife is 37 she is 5'3" 118lbs long permed hair. And is a lot of fun in bed. She is always willing to please me.
I always wanted to watch her fuck another guy but to no avail. She would roll play with me and we even had a dildo she would suck or fuck to turn me on.
About a month ago my friend Gary and i went out for a few drinks and we did some coke. As we got wired i told him how i always wanted to see my wife fuck someone. As we were getting pretty high he came up with an idea, and also because he wanted to be the one to fuck her.
His birthday was the following Saturday and we decided i would tell my wife i was going to invite him over and the three of us would go out for drinks. Then we would come back and have a few drinks and do some coke. He also had some liquid x and he would put it in our drinks when we got back. He said between that and a few lines he would turn her into a slut for the night.
The big day finally arrived and we met Gary at a club and began to party. After 2 hours of drinking and dancing, Gary suggested we should go to his place for a few more drinks and he had some coke at his place.
We met him at his place and went in the front room and he put on some music. My wife looked pretty hot in her short jean skirt pantyhose and thigh high boots. Gary wen to pour us each a shot and he put a triple hit of x in each of our shots. We had another shot and Gary laid out some lines which we all did he repeated this two more time within less than an hour. He then winked at me and asked me if he could give Rae a gum numb, i said it would be ok and she nodded sure if its ok with chuck
Thats all it took, within 15 minutes she was naked sucking his dick. More to cum

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  • My wife is just the opposite in terms of size, 5'4" and over 300, she does anything I want just so she keeps me happy. I have watched her go down on women and loved it, she sucks me off anytime I want it and believe it or not her pussy tastes sweet as ever and her breasts for some reason have kept on producing milk for about three years. I suck on them all the time and it is great watching them squirt when squeezed.

  • You just threw away a good relationship. Soon she will be doing guys behind your back and you will never know.Just remember, you wanted this.

  • Not so

  • Mine shut me up with with being too agreeable. She said she'd do it -- we can spit roast her, "it's on my bucket list anyway."
    But here's the catch -- it has to be with her "horse dick" old boyfriend - she said the sex was great, but all they ever did was fuck. "No dinner, no movies for me, And maybe he could stay weekends in the spare bedroom." "I sure miss sex with his big cock, I'll call him. You'll have a buddy, he loves football too when he's not banging me."

  • She is playing you . While you are watching tv she and big cock are going to be fucking all the time and the only thing you will be doing is listening at the door.

  • I thought she was pulling my by being too agreeable. But she's dead serious.
    I said I'd think about (I'm not) -- it was just a wild fantasy of mine that I should have kept to myself. Now she thinks she has a hall pass with him. I can't think of anything worse than her cheating with with some horse dick old bf. I don't even like thinking about them ever doing it before. I know she wasn't a virgin but didn't know she was some hung guy's sex only hussy.

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