Landlords privilege

I'm married, was very under sexed and I'm bisexual.
As a teenager I enjoyed fucking both sexes, but once I got serious with my wife, and then subsequently married her, I can honestly say, I had never cheated on her with men or women.
That was until we took in tenants on the first two floors of our home. I renovated the floors into apartments and rented them out to students of the nearby college and university.
It was a student who was having trouble paying his rent, that first had me proposing a deal. He took the deal and within days I fucking his mouth and arsehole on a very regular basis.
Over a three year period, I made sure most if not all of the young men were either feminine or certainly likely to be gay/bisexual when renting our apartments. And practically all of them invited me around for extra curricular activities.
When my wife told me one very wet afternoon, she knew I was fucking our tenants, I thought our marriage as over.
Two more years down the line, I'm still married, yet I now get to fuck the young men with my wife's full knowledge and with her vetting the applicants each August/September. She chooses the ones who she knows will keep me busy and not bothering her for sex.

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  • I started sleeping with our landlord since I was 13 and mom was behind in the rent. I think that my mom kinda knows what's going on? He's always been touching me fondly and telling me that I was a beautiful boy and it was I who came on to him in hopes that he would let us stay rent free. The only problem is he has me like all the time!

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