My wife,my friend,and me

Several years ago my wife and I stopped in at a close friend of ours on a Saturday morning,he owns his own business. Saturday is always slow for him. Now my wife has always been at ease with this guy,always flashing him when the three of us get together. This one Sat the place was . empty. My wife done her usual stuff. This time she sat on his lap to get him exited. He gave me that look as to what to do. I just shook my head yes and smiled . Well it was on ! She wasn't wearing a bra or panties. He took the liberty of feeling her boobs , she raised her top so he could really get to them. Then she turned around to face him and sat back down. She took his hands down to her wet crotch. He fingered her while he sucked her tits. After she got off,she slid down in the floor and proceeded with a blowjob all while I watched. She swallowed the whole load. Then it was my turn....she swallowed my load to. What a gal

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  • With my friend it started with playful teasing and dancing, then more teasing and some flashing/walking around in her panties, then a BJ while I was doing her, then sex while I watched and she gave me a bj, then sharing her completely where he’d come over for sex. It was fun while it lasted and every now and then we end up doing it again. It’s been 20 years of marriage and it hasn’t happened in 3 years.

  • This is my biggest fantasy. I would love to share my wife and watch her have sex with another guy. Every time I bring it up she says she doesn’t want to now that we’re married, and that I should’ve asked while we were dating.

  • My biggest fantasy as well. I maybe want to push it a little farther, though

  • Nothing wrong with sharing the wife as long as she does not mine me getting a little pussy on the side.

  • You'll remember it forever. 40 years ago my buddy and his wife -- Beth and Tom, my wife June (June Cleaver like) and I are skinny dipping -- back then just about everyone here skinny dipped since we were kids. It's Fri night and we had beers. The girls are playing "grab some dick" doesn't matter who's. Beth gives me a hard on and June gives tom one. I mount June from behind -- I'm in her pussy - she's still playing with Tom's -- Beth tells June "suck Tom's dick bitch" and she does -- We're spit roasting my wife. OMG! - because of the beer hard ones it last forever - June cums so hard -- she's going nuts. Beth is cheering her on and mocking her. Tom tells her she's doing it the proper way (unlike you) She's getting a big kick at watching -- nothing close to that ever happened again. next day it sinks in 'yikes -- I gave Tom a blowjob" We still see Beth and Tom -- we never bring it up anymore with them -- but we still enjoy the memory.

  • Just don't come to regret it. My ex husband use to love to share me. I would suck and fuck his friends with him in the room. We had a lot of fun and then he just changed. Regretted everything and hated me for my actions. So we ended up getting a divorce.

  • We weren't married, but we lived together for 3 years, and it was similar for me. She hated the things she had seen me do, even though it was mostly her idea. The last 6 months of the relationship was wild, but then just full stop

  • What an asshole. I can stopping but enjoy the memories and vids if you have them. We had one bad wife night a long time ago. We still talk about during sex. Wish we had a couple more, but not too many.

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