Shiny scented love

I love shiny things. I have at moment a few large size chromesteel bearing balls that are about 3 and more inches. As well I have very shiny brass tubes at a foot in length and 2 inches wide. What I like is the shiny objects to me are very sensual and sexual to hold in my hands. I like to rub them all over my body almost in the sense as if I am making love to them, just endless nights of masturbation with these objects, Regarding shiny brass I love the scent of the metal as I feel it on my lips as I rub my body over the steel balls. I do not know why I have this sort of passion but I find shiny metal regardless their shape and size very erotic. I wonder if anyone else has a similar atraction or fetish and if do so I love to hear about it

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  • This is a very interesting fetish. You love hard, shiny objects, much like I love glistening wet vulvas and purple shiny cockheads.

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