Finally came in her ass

I've wanted to try anal for quite some time with my wife now but she has alwaus worried that it would be painful and weird. Understandable. But last night we had been hanging out with friends drinking and having fun, and of course the talki g got dirty. After they all left we obviously started fooling around and i had her bent over the bathroom counter as we were going to jump into the shower together. I was deep in her pussy and she reached back and grabbed my dick and readjusted me to her ass and told me to go for it. Without hesitation, i pushed in. It was tight, and great! So fucking tight! She hrabbed her big ass cheeks and pulled them apart as far as she could widened her stance and bent over farther so i could go balls deep into her. I came within a minute or two. Deep thrusted all the way in. Afterwards we still showered, recouped, and fucked again, but the anal was the highlight of the night

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  • Love cum in a nice tight ass. Love when she squeeze her cheeks on my cock.

  • How was it for her, or is that not important to you?

  • We were married for 10 years before my wife let me fuck her ass. She seemed to have multiple orgasms and told me afterwards that it was a pleasure-pain sensation but that the orgasms were more intense she had ever experienced, even more so than vaginal sex.

  • My wife let me do her ass on our second date. I thought she’s too slutty, I’ll use her and then leave her. Been married 20 years now.

  • My then girlfriend you'd think ass fucking and lunch hour blowjobs were her 2 favorite things. Now wife she's "too busy" for lunch bj's and "detour -- back road closed -- use the highway." she says

  • Find a gay or bi male lover on the side, get your cock sucked, and pound that ass.

  • Nothing is better than fucking a nice tight ass. I m hard just thinking about it

  • I member the first time my wife let me in her ass. She was on the rag and I really needed to fuck, so she told me if I lubed it up real good I could stick it in her butt. It felt so good that I came in about three minutes. From then on, we only do anal a couple times a month, when she's on the rag. I think if we start doing it all the time, it will become less of a turn-on, and be not quite as much fun.

  • Wife started her period the day before our wedding. Got to our honeymoon destination about midnight, stopped at a Walgreens for lube before checking in and rode her ass. It was her first time doing anal and we do it when she's on the rag.

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