I'm a dad and I have some bad thoughts

Hi out there. I'm Klaus and I'm from Germany. I love this platform and read a lot here.

I have something to think about a lot at the moment. We have a daughter and she is 12 yet. She slowly develops and with it the curiousity for boys develops too. There are some boys, she's meeting (i don't think of dates!) but when I have seen her with a boy, in the evening when I'm in bed, i think about the boy putting his boycock in her. I don't want to think so but I do. Am I alone with that or are there other dads with similar thoughts?

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  • I heard my 13 year old daughter lose her virginity to her 18 year old boyfriend. I came home from work a couple hours early one day and heard her taking his big cock downstairs in her bedroom. They didn't know that I was in the house. I was very excited by the exotic sounds that she was making, gasping, uewing, aahing, groaning, grunting and moaning. She sounded like she was in pain in the beginning, but after a little while her groans were groans of pleasure. I was listening in our bedroom above her room, I could hear everything clearly threw the heating vent. I was masturbating while she was taking her first cock, and a huge cock to. My wife told me about a year later that our daughter told her that he was as fat as a beer can and over 8 inches long. I still masturbate thinking about her losing her virginity with a huge cock, I can still hear the sounds that she was making like it was yesterday.

  • My name is Chin and I'm from Japan. I never thought of my daughter sexually until she turned 15. Her breasts really blossomed and she became beautiful. Now she is 17 and on birth control. Last Saturday night we made out. I was feeling her breasts, and she was grabbing my boner through my pants. We ended up making love. It made me feel so young again.

  • Please post the story and any updates on your daughter!

  • All parents have inappropriate thoughts but only briefly

  • God's greatest gift is teen pussy... get her drunk and experience her before she gets fucked off some local boy

  • Don't be stupid of course not we all trust our daughters because they were well brought up

  • You need to give your daughter plenty of condoms so she can be safe. Tell her if she is going to have sex, to only have it in the room you've put a camera in. Then you can watch the boycock in your daughter's girlpuss.

  • Every dad is afraid of there under age daughter getting pregnant which scares the hell out of a dad, you know your daughter is going to have sex but you don't want them to be children, on the other side I am a dad and I think back to when I was in my early teens and I only had one thing on my mind

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