My husband

Hello need help my husband has a five inch dick. I was wondering if anyone knows or has tips to make it a inch longer?

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  • I believe they sell extensions

  • Trust me a small one is far better than big, my husband is huge, not exaggerating people. I have to be completely lubed up for him or it is not going to happen. The first time we started making love and I saw his penis I could not believe it and it was soft, he became erect and I was worried. I was sore for several days after that first time and what is worse is when we go a few weeks without having sex and then he is all horned up and just wants to cram it into me. He is about nine inches when hard and wider than I can grip, I can barely get his head into my mouth but I am also a petite woman so I am sure that has a lot to do with it.

  • My ex was almost that big and I was usually sore and red down there after we had sex., My current guy is more average and I like it a lot better.

  • Pull him off as hard and as often as you can, and I mean pull hard and squeeze hard,

  • Can you make your boobs bigger?

  • I’m a 38dd do I need to

  • Suck on it daily, it will work trust me.

  • Maybe you need a shallower cunt. Work on that angle !

  • It can be done for free, if you answer back I will tell you, it does to a long time though!

  • Ok sounds good

  • Are you there then? and I can explain

  • Yes I’m here email me at

  • I am not an expert, but I am almost certain that there is no logical way to make a cock longer. I would suggest that, instead, he learns how to use it. I am a male, so not very knowledgable about what a woman will like, but I have heard that it is about technique instead of size. I can email you if you like about the topic, but I don't know if there is a ton more to add. Let me know if you have any more questions or want to talk further.

  • I don't do email, it's a straight rout to location finding (it leaves a bread trail)

  • Can’t make it bigger. Use toys

  • I dated a guy who was really big no idea of measurements, he also had no idea how to use it or control himself, being honest it was uncomfortable and over to quickly.
    The guy I’m with now is not so big but boy does he know how to please me, when he is inside me he hits the perfect spot!

  • There's nothing you can do for it sweetie. All the ads you see for pills, herbal remedies, and peterpumps, don't really work. You'll just be throwing your money away.
    Your husband just need to learn how to work with what he's got. My husband is not the biggest either, only just over 6 inches long, but he is quite thick, at least close to 2 1/2 inches thick. But he knows how to work it. Between his tongue and his cock he'll give me multiple orgasms every time.

  • Sorry, you are stuck with the 5 inch dick God gave you. I suggest you learn how to use your tongue before your wife decides to leave.

  • Do what I do. My husband is small, but a really nice person, funny, and great dad....but a lady has needs.

    I have sex with my father in law, who has 9 inches of cock. I dont know how they're related

  • That's great advice, but how is she supposed to meet your father-in-law?

  • Just find someone with a bigger dick. Much easier.

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