New man, a cuckold man.

Never having once suspected my wife of cheating on me, I didn't think the noises of sex in our home when I entered, were that of my wife with another guy.
I immediately thought as she's very highly sexed, she was watching porn and masturbating. Something in the past I'd regularly come across with my wife.
So not thinking anything bad, I walked upstairs, pushed our bedroom door open which was slightly ajar, and came upon the scene of my wife taking another mans cock up her asshole from behind.
Not only was she cheating on me with another man, but that other man happens to be our neighbor Eddie who's ten years older than both of us. The other fact with Eddie is he's, lets say able of looking after himself.
I stood there only a minute or so, watching his large thick cock enter my wife's backside, before I moved, not to challenge them, but to get a better view of his huge cock pleasuring my wife.
It was then they both noticed me and my wife instantly said "He's much bigger than you honey. I couldn't resist".
Before I could say anything he said "It ain't the first time she hasn't been able to resist you Muppet".
A 'Muppet'. that's what our neighbor had called me and it was that, not him fucking my wife funnily, that angered me.
I ran over and tried to hit him. I awoke a short time later stripped naked, lay on my back with my wife over me and the vision of my neighbors hard penis sliding in and out of my wife's pussy.
They both realized I'd regained consciousness and I heard my wife through my fuzzy head telling me "This is the way I want it from now on. I need more sex".
He continued to fuck my wife with his cock only inches away from my face. My wife's love juices were dripping onto my face and when he eventually came, he purposely withdrew and allowed the last remnants of his cum to ooze all over my chin and neck.
Still dazed as they moved off of me, I lay there and it was Eddie who told my wife how throbbingly hard my cock looked. And he was right. I had become incredibly turned on seeing him fuck then cum up my wife, but even more so by having him drip his load over my lower face and neck.
They laughed then, and my wife told Eddie to take a shower. While he walked away, she sat by me, lowered her head and sucked in my cock. Giving me a blow job until I saw Eddie stood at the en suite door, watching me cum in my wife's mouth.
I was about to shower myself as they walked downstairs. My wife telling Eddie he shouldn't have hit me so hard as they went. When I got downstairs Eddie was sat in my chair with my wife's mouth wrapped around his cock, her ass was in the air, so instead of raising another commotion, I dropped down and put my face into her sex and began to tongue out my wife's freshly fucked love holes.
Over the next half an hour I kind of joined them in their sexual acts, but only really as an observer. Once Eddie had me tongue out her asshole to "Get it ready for his cock" then watched as he pounded her from behind.
Throughout I was getting more and more excited and found myself willing him to fuck her harder and harder. By the time he came deep up my wife's ass, my cock was rock hard again and I so wanted to cum.
It was Eddie who told me to "Get down to it" and I knew exactly what he meant. Licking and sucking out his cum from my wife's ass, she climaxed all over my face which had my cock exploding without me having to touch it.
When he went back to own home, we spoke then. But not before he came back with some beers and an apology for slapping me senseless. He hadn't punched me, and sometime later I thanked my lucky stars he didn't as I watched him pound out a guy for daring to challenge him.
From that first time onwards, I often walked in our home to see Eddie's cock pounding my wife's mouth pussy and ass. And so it is to this day. There are days and nights now I indulge heavily with the pair of them. Never as the direct dominant partner, always as the smaller man who cleans up his wife's well fucked holes. And even sometimes nowadays, Eddie's pussy and ass juice covered cock with my tongue and mouth.


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  • I can't go the sucking of another mans cum out of my wife's pussy route but I can sure enjoy watching her fuck someone else. We have done threesomes where I participate. I also have watched her fuck others and waited until they leave to fuck the wife. I just love slutty wives and I have one. I am so lucky.

  • I can’t do cleanup, I only do pre-sex licking to lube her up before she has sex with another guy. I do like sloppy seconds sex.

  • That was very hot

  • Now really, really this is all fiction isn't it

  • Eddie's gay as well as you! Put your wife on she needs to talk with a real man!!!

  • I get turned on thinking another man ducking my wife, although needs to be very hung

  • You are correct really liked when my wife was fucking other guys even had a guy live with us for three years we had a great time

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