First gay experience

I let a random guy jerk me off in a train station mens room. He was in the stall next to me and reached under to grab my cock, he made me cum after a few minutes. I left abruptly soon after and regretted it for a bit but now wish I had done it more often when I was younger.

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  • When I was 14 and 11 yr. old kid placed my hand on his dick we were sleeping over in the same bed . I began stroking him. He was hairless and very small. Then, I put his hand on my much bigger hairy dick. He was amazed. But, no sex took place. A week later, in the woods, it did. He sucked me until I came. I shot it out onto the ground, much to his admiration. We would cavort and have a very nice time for over a year. A few months after my 15th birthday, I got caught going down on him by his mother. A few minutes earlier he had been sucking me. It went badly, she freaked out, my parents freaked out, we were banned from seeing each other, at all, and I had to spend a couple of weeks over the summer, at a church retreat ( camp ) for " troubled youth " . Of course, I saw more same sex couplings those two weeks than I would ever see again ! That action included the counselors and one pastor. Today, I identify as bisexual and non-religious .

  • I was ten with a fifteen year old boy. He took me all the way, I was so embarrassed and shy about it. It was the day before I left to spend the summer with my grandparents on the lake. I met two other boys in their teens and by the time I came home from that wild summer I had turned eleven and wasn't shy about it anymore.

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