All of you people are such liars! I have never seen so many desperate attention seeking whores in my entire life. "I had sex with a family member", "I am into bestiality", "I'm a grown man who wears panties", "I have weird fetishes, OH LOOK AT ME"!!!

This entire site is fucking cancer. This is supposed to be a confession site, but everywhere you go you see something about incest or sex. It's gotten to the point to where the users on this site spam the same old stories and confessions, just to get one or two hearts. It is hilariously pathetic!

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  • Another one of those looking for a serious site to use his own foul mouth on.

  • So what this tells us is you spend a lot of time here. Interesting.

  • Soooo, why are you on here posting then?
    You must get some sort of thrill out of it or you would not read them.

  • My confession was true. I am a gay male that sucks straight married dick.

    Not crazy exotic or exciting, but true.

  • My ex and I have wild crazy sex anytime we meet up. We broke up ten years ago and she has a spouse and so do I. But whenever we meet. We do it. Anywhere too. Its a thrill but its also sketchy. We both love it. Did it in cars. On top of buildings. At scenic lookouts.. it doesnt even seem unfaithful. It just seems so naughty and the release is epic.
    Still have a regular sex life with the wife. But shes nowhere near as adventurous as my ex. She only does it on the bed. And hardly ever rides or thinks of new ways and places. We had some sneaky sex on the side of the highway while watching cars go by. Only once. But my ex will do it anytime. I just crave her now thinking of it.

  • Since we broke up. Condoms was always a must. Gotta play it safe too

  • This is naughtyposts, not confessionposts.

  • I agree that many of the confessions here are most likely untrue or exaggerated. However I believe that some of the people are confessing the truth no matter how unbelievable or shocking it may be. I read a confession about two years ago and at first didn't believe it , I started emailing this lady . Fate would have it I ended up going to Seattle where she supposably lived. I emailed her and had no response , the next morning I received a knock on the door and there she was. So now I do believe some of the people who post their confessions.

  • I think alot of people like to talk about fantasies.

  • I would say 98% of these posts are fake. Plus the people that run this site filter/censor most of the posts.

  • Just fuck off then

  • How about you, cum guzzler?

  • Rude prick

  • You got that right. After three years of reading posts on here, it seems like there are about 6 or 7 different people posting all of the BS stories on here. They are getting redundantly boring, to the point that I have been looking for a better site to frequent. If people are going to make up stories, at least use a little bit of creative originality, and maybe make them just a little bit believable.

  • Totally agree.
    You just know instantly who wrote what. It's beyond awful. It used to be an ok site, but people are running out of things so just talk shit. Honestly people are really thick if they think we can't tell.

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