Friendly neighbour

Never told anyone this story, when I was 17 living with my parents I started taking our new dog for its last walk in the evening, as the evenings started getting darker my parents spoke with with our neighbour who also had a dog if I could walk with them for safety.
It wasn’t long and I was being fucked by my neighbour all I can remember is being kissed by him a few times then him touching me to being fucked by him.
In the corner of the park pitch black being fucked, sometimes laying down and sometimes sitting on him.
I’m 34 now and never seen or felt such a massive cock inside me.

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  • Its dangerous for a young girl to have an older bigger guy.I was 19 and I thought he was doing damage to me internally.9 inches was way too much for me.

  • Tore that pussy up

  • Sure felt like it,but it did survive.Just wondered for a young not fully developed girl where is all that penis going?

  • While my husband was in hospital for cancer treatment, my neighbor kept comforting me and I was sooo horny having not had a man for a week, so let him do me.

    Now Im going to have his baby, and I will be telling my husband today when I visit him in hospital.

    I feel that my husband should be understanding because he hasnt been giving me the attention that I need.

  • Sounds about white

  • But your husband wasn't there because of illness,seems a bit impossible on his part and unfair on your part.

  • I was also 17 when I screwed our neighbour.I wasn't a virgin but I just wanted to have sex with an older more experienced man.He was mid thirties,great body,lovely dick and knew what he was doing.My body was young and easily pleasured and I think I came about 7 times. But I was shocked when I found out my mum had slept with him several times before.So this lucky guy had both mother and daughter.

  • At 25 i was having a sex fling with my 40 year old divorcee neighbor. She had a beautiful 17 year old daughter. She liked the way i did it. She said it took her 5 years to recover from her sex with an awkard horse cock boy.
    She wanted me to be her first. I said wait till she is 18. But when it came time she was just too scared.

  • Lol, what a lucky son of a bitch. Did your mom ever learn about it?

  • Yes a very lucky son of a bitch.He was worth it though,so good in bed. No bloody way I'd let my mum find that out.I only found out when I heard her talking with her friend when she thought I wasn't there.

  • Thats so hot. when you sucked his cock, wonder if you tasted your moms pussy?

  • Lol. Well I did suck his dick so you never know.But he would've had to have had my mum the same day before me.

  • What do you get up to now?

  • Well now I'm 22 and have a boyfriend but I do catch myself thinking back to those times.Still close to the best sex I've ever had.My bf is very good luckily or I might've ended up cheating.

  • My wife has her high school year book picture and a topless version of it . The photographer was flirting with her while eyeballing her young big tits. She was his last appointment of the day and he talked her to several other artsie nude pictures. After about an hour of foreplay he took her virginity. She said he was awesome. I'm loving those pictures, I tip my cap.
    PS -- She was 18 and legal.

  • My girlfriend had to go to the hospital for a couple of days so while she was gone I decided to visit one of those peep shops where you go and watch porn. After being inside awhile I decided to leave. As I got to the parking lot and was sitting in my car, another guy came out and started walking toward his car as well. He had on a full length coat and he seemed to be switching a little. I watched as he came closer to my car. As it turned out ,his car was parked right next to mine. Before he could get in his car ,I rolled down my window and spoke to him. I can't remember what I said but he ended up in my car sitting next to me. We talked a little and he gave me his number. I called him the next night and he asked if I could come pick him up so I did. After we got back to my place we went up to the bedroom, sat on the side of the bed and started kissing. Our hands were roaming all over each other. I started rubbing between his legs trying to make his dick hard, but I couldn't feel anything. So I decided to undo his belt and take his pants off. As I did this out popped the biggest dick I have ever seen. I asked him how big he was and he said "14 inches". I had never in my life seen a dick this big. I knew I was going to get the shit fucked out of me tonight. I reached over on the night stand and got some petroleum jelly and applied to my asshole. He pulled my pants off and got on top of me. He started kissing me as he pried my legs further apart. My dick was getting hard too. (don't have room for the rest)

  • So u cheated on ur girlfriend with a guy with a 14" cock whilst she was in hospital. What a nice considerate unselfish human being u are.

  • I bet you are a nymphomaniac.
    My wife had a horse cock boyfriend. She says that's why she needs it 3x a day.
    She was normal 3x a week before him. She knows his old girlfriend, she's the same way.

  • I’m intrigued about his massive cock

  • Tell us more about his big cock did he stick it up your arsehole I big cock is best up your arse plugging you

  • Yes, how old was your neighbor?

  • We need more of this story.

  • Come on...... more details

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