First time shopping.

I finally got up the nerve to stop in a woman apparel store.
I was out of town and saw a small Women’s boutique so I thought I would get up the nerve to shop for some clothes.
The next day I called the boutique and a woman answered. I asked if there was a slow time at the store but I could tell she did not understand so I said I wanted to shop for myself but needed some help with fit and sizing and would prefer if they were not too busy. She said “Well no-one is here now”.
I arrived a few minutes later.
I introduced myself as the man on the phone and she asked what I was looking for. I said some tight jeans and even wanted to try a top or skirt.
She gave we a pair of jeans to try on, she led me to a room to change in it had only a curtain even though there was a room with a door she could have directed me to. I stepped into the changing room with the pants but they were way too small.
She then bought me a larger pair that I was able to button them. I stepped out of the room to show her and I said “I think they were too tight”. She said maybe but I should try a another pair.
Boy they were hard to remove as they were basically yoga pant jeans, she brought the new pair but this time she opened the curtain and she could seen the purple panties I had on.
She said not to worry since she had seen that before.
I put the jeans on and stepped out into the store. They were so stretchy they comforted to me like stockings. She said they looked fine as I am slender.
She then handed me a white top to try on so that meant I had to take off my man’s shirt as well so I was now in just women’s garments.
It was way too small and asked me to remove it.
She then handed me a skirt. I removed the jeans to try them on. I could not button them so she asked me stepped into the store to show her. I was standing there with no shirt and a skirt that I could not close so may panties were clearly visible. She asked me to take it off and she went to get another size as I waited in just my panties in the changing room. The curtain was mostly open at this point. She brought the skirt and she watched me put it on. We both agreed the skirt was not working for me.
I dropped it and she came back with a different top to try. I put it on and stepped out to the store in just the top and panties . It did look nice but she said I need some sort of lace bra thingy for my chest. She brought it over and she helped me put it on. It was nice but she said she had something fancier on the rack and asked me to come look.
She helped me take off the original plain one right there in the store so I was shopping in only wearing panties when she got me the new bra.
It was too small so she got me a size large.
I put it on and we both walked to the store mirror to look at it with only the panties.
I looked real good she said.
We were alone so I suspect she was putting me at ease buy having me walk around in just my panties.
We agreed that I should just get the jeans and bra. As I left she invited me to stop buy again.
I cannot wait to go back.
She told me to wear the jeans with a white tee shirt to dinner that night and I did.

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  • I was big on panties as a kid and still am. I would shoplift panties and leave the money for them at the cashier's without any one knowing. My mom eventually discovered me in panties told me that I was beautiful and started shopping for me.

  • That is so cool.

  • Yes, I'm really lucky to have a mom like her!

  • I used to do most of my shopping at the salvation army store. That way I avoided those funny looks the female clerks gave me. I found out that there's some really sexy stuff at the thrift stores. I bought bras, girdles, dresses, skirts and just about everything else I ever needed there. And you don't get those funny looks from anyone. I still had to go to the regular stores to get my heels though. This was before online shopping.

  • I went shopping in a women's clothing store once. I saw a dress that looked really sexy. I asked the female store clerk if I could try it on and she said "yes". She took me to the dressing room and I tried on the dress. It looked really nice but I had no intention of buying it. I was just turned on by the fact that I just asked a woman if I could try on a dress. That meant she knew I was crossdresser. This to me was a real turn on. I left with a hard on.

  • It was exhilarating.

  • And Freeing!

  • That is so great she was a wonderful person you need to visit there quite a lot

  • I will go back.

  • Did you get hard doing this?

  • Just a little I was more nervous that someone would come into the store than anything.

  • Are you going to try makeup next? Perhaps a wig too?

  • I think I will just try some shorts and skirts. I need to think about the makeup a bit.

  • Do it. Go all the way

  • Maybe... ; )

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