Wife said she was still virgin after date.

She was 18 they were parking in lovers lane. They were naked and both trying to have sex. She said her viagina was so small and his penis big and thick. He was lined up trying to jam it in, he couldn't get it in. But it hurt the outer lips of her vagina, even the next day some. I say that counts. By the way she had sex with other guys before me.

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  • Women love to fuck their brains out then lie about it to their unsuspecting husbands . I have been married twice and both of them lied about the sexual experiences they had. Some times you can trick it out of them, sometimes you can find out from a friend or an eyewitness, just accept the fact that they are not telling the truth.

  • Here’s a secret, women lie. They lessen their sexual activity. My wife told me she “made out once” with a guy but that’s all. I worked with the guy and I knew they went out. I figured making out was kissing. It was a bj.

  • It was probably sex. I dated a woman was I was younger and I found out she had been out with some other guy. When I asked her about it she told me they "made out". Then I come to find out they actually fucked. When I asked her about it she finally fessed up, so I broke up with her. Years later I was dating another woman and I found out she had fucked a guy right after we started seeing eachother. When I asked her about it, she too told me they had only "made out". I told her I already knew they fucked, so she admitted it. What the fuck is it with women saying they only "made out" with a guy they fucked. And it's like they all have that same line.

  • They probably did have sex, but one drunk night she told her friend in another room and I overheard her say she gave him a blow job in a car after a date and she never went out with him again.

  • OP here,
    I think he was in her vulva for it to hurt, maybe beyond -- it just wasn't good, pain free sex she would soon have with other boyfriends. Alcohol was involved and she was a virgin with nothing to gauge. The reason I'd like to think it happened is it wasn't in a car, but in a very historic local site. I know that is sort of dumb to wish your wife's first was legendary -- i get that.

  • Super dumb

  • The pussy is designed to pop out a baby, so, it's doubtful he couldn't get it in. Like a virgin is just a stupid song by that newly one-eyed cunt Madonna.

  • If he couldn't get it in, then it doesn't count. I know women fudge their numbers down all the time. Basically if sex is no good then a woman doesn't count it, sorry that counts. A man will fudge his numbers up all the time. Basically if he makes it to first base men consider that as a valid count, sorry full penetration of his penis in her vagina is the only thing that counts.

  • The same thing happened to my younger brother. We were a large family in a small house so at some point we had alll seen each other naked and hard. He has a huge cock! It is about 9" long and thicker than a beer can and often teased me about having such a small cock myself. He came visit (as he often did) and after a few beers told my wife and me that he was still a virgin. He said that he and his girlfriend tried to fuck but he could not get his cock into her tiny pussy. As the conversation continued, I could tell me wife was getting horny and curious because she had her hand between her legs and was lightly rubbing herself. I suggested she help him out and she took him into our bedroom and gave him his first pussy. She still says it was the most exciting sex she ever had!

  • My buddy and I went with 2 of the same girls. I went with his wife first. A couple years later him and my wife flirt a lot. I told her about having his wife and he probably wants you to sort of get even -- it's up to you to fuck him or not -- but I know he's going to trying till he does. My Jill took one for the team. We're all good friends still.

  • It is so weird to me that guys are willing to share pussy with their own brother. This coming from a woman who has had sex with brothers. Had a boyfriend in college who's younger brother was a virgin and one night we were all hanging out and he asked me to take his brothers virginith. If I hadn't been a mixture of drunk and stoned I dunno if I would have done it. But I did. It didn't last long. And our relationship went down hill because he would often bring it up and ask me to fuck him more to build up his confidence.

  • Something to do with wives are better than us, sugar and spice and everything nice. We mostly like that but want to see a little flaw in Miss Goody Two-Shoes. No one would believe how good she is in bed. I wouldn't want a buddy to have her but on vacation -- we had flyer on are car for a strip club armature night and the girls kept the tips. My Miss Goody made $400 and I loved it. And it was 1,000 miles from home where no one knew her. She lost her innocents to 200 strangers. Winner winner Kobe Steak dinner.
    The down side - she wants to do it again.

  • What a great husband and brother you are! Cheers.

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