Miniature Horse

Dated a lady that said she had a friend that once she got a divorce she bought a miniature horse .she didn’t need men anymore she had her little horse . Fact fiction are BS ?

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  • A friend of my wife raised miniature ponies . She did pony rides at fairs and for children's birthday parties. Many times I noticed what looked like bruises on her shoulders and asked one day what she had done that left such a bruise. She told me it was a" horse hickie, that one of the males was a biter". The funny thing was the ponies weren't tall enough to just bite her shoulder if she was standing. Later my wife tells me "think about it, she probably let the male mount her ,thats how he bites the back of her shoulder. I always wondered if she actually let the pony fuck her.

  • I was a little horse once, but a throat lozenge helped.

  • When it comes to helping with the bills and housework the horse says, " Naaaayyyyyy ! "

  • They do all the time

  • Thanks for your response would like to hear more

  • Nice x

  • Sounds to me like your girl fucked a horse.

  • No girlfriends neighbor

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