Drugs and masturbation

Twice a year or so I like to smoke meth and masturbate to the most taboo thoughts for hours and hours on end. The orgasms during the comedown are mind shattering

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  • Crushing and snorting Adderall will really give you wild sexual fantasies. My girlfriend doesn't like me doing it, but loves the sex that comes from me using it.

  • I tried a little meth as well as PCP back in my late teens. Crazy times. It led to some of the best sex ever, though that shit was really bad. Getting fucked while on that massive dopamine kick was crazy good. One lets down their boundaries and does things one wouldn't do sober.

  • I only did meth once when I was younger. I was sitting between my boyfriend and his friend, and my boyfriend pulled my top down right in front of him. They both started sucking on my tits. I’d never had two guys before so I was so wet and ready. It was incredible, but I let them both cum in me and take pictures, something I never would’ve done if sober.

  • My gf and i sometimes use meth with friends. my gf and i are normally monogamous, but when high on meth we allow for some open sex. it's the only time we play with others. had some great times when guys stayed hard as rocks and the girls were insatiable. lots of seeds planted...

  • Meth is awesome. I can snort a couple of lines and I'm rock hard for hours. One night I fucked my wife so long and hard that she was so sore that she left our bedroom for a few minutes, then came back in with our young daughter, and told me to fuck her for awhile. She was so tight and wet and hot that I nutted in about ten minutes, but I was still rock hard, and fucked my faughter for another hour. God, I love meth and pussy.

  • I’d say you’re lying but I’ve fucked my uncle in the room with some cracked out people. Shit just happens. You’re watching a movie and bam a cock is inside you

  • Does your wife get high also? Does she know about your daughter??

  • Yeah, my wife loves meth as much as I do, but we only us once or twice a week because we don't want to become junkies. She gets horny as fuck when she's high, has multiple orasms and he pussy gets dripping wet.

  • Oh duh. Re read. Obviously she knows about you’re daughter if she brought her in.
    How old is she?

  • I'm ashamed to say how young she is, but she's waaaay to young. After that first time, my wife and I had a long talk with her about what we did, and we are all okay with it, and have done it a few times since.

  • Oh cmon you’ve gotta let me k ow how young!? You two looking for anyone to throw into the mix? Would love to intermingle

  • Another question, have you gotten your daughter high with you and your wife since you said you had the talk with her?

  • No, we don't let our preteen daughter do drugs, and we will not let anyone else have sex with her or watch us make love to her.

  • I can totally respect that

  • It makes me CRAZY HORNY. Before I went inside my dealers house I would always take off my bra and panties first because I knew I was going to end up fucking.

  • I used to snort meth because the high lasted longer. Fucked a lot of guys I normally wouldn't have if I were not horny and high. The drug makes you horny af.

  • It’s so weird how it makes some people have zero interest and others just instantly have really dirty sex on their brains

  • I e never met anyone that had zero interest in fucking after doing meth. It ALWAYS loosens the pipes

  • Sounds like ya quit doing it?

  • Yeah, I quit. It's bad all the way around for living productive life. Before then I did it a lot recreationally for 4 years. The one good thing about it was the sex that ensued. It's really good for that.

  • Yeah it’s kind of a bummer deal. There’s no way like you said that you can live a productive life but god damnit if the sexual feeling isn’t comparable to anything else!
    Really appreciate you sharing!
    Too bad we couldn’t so one together ;)

  • I bet you’re pretty hot??

  • Omg I know! As soon as I get High it goes straight to my cock.

  • I love meth dick, it’s so hard. And it can just pound and pound for hours. I miss doing it. Getting all crazy and just bouncing on any cock I could find. For awhile I lived with my boyfriend and his three roommates and all we did was get high and fuck. DPs every night.

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