Sexual Cruelty

I don't have a reddit acc. I am not from the American continent (thank God!). And my native language is not English.
So, i've read some terrible stories about boys and men kicked in balls by girls and women. Some including minors, kicked by adult women. If any of the women who did it, are reading this, relax. I will not report you. I already did. You were fortunate enough, to share links with Reddit.
But it is time to stop bein boring! This is not a story for revenge, but rather for justice. Justice served, by me! To girls and women. Yea, i am a guy. Not right in the head and i embraced it. I am sadist and hereby i confess, i brought and will keep bringing justice for all of you men, who were kicked in your balls! Yes, i confess for all the cuntbusting i did, all the pussies kicked, squeezed, hit with a belt and will do even worse! Because i can, because i like it. And frankly... some girls like it too. because women are the weaker gender. I know, i know what i just wrote, believe me! But it's true. And i like it. And this is not an insult, because i like you women being weak. It turns me on. I feel really good, when i kick females there, also if i squeeze the pussy. gets me hard, brings out the sadism and the evil in me. Satisfies me. Sorts my sick mind a bit. And honestly? I think most deserve it. Come on, i bring understanding to the world! Women will know what is like to be kicked like a guy. And perhaps understanding will bring more good to the world. Or perhaps not, because of the wrong way i am doing it, but hey, i am not the good guy in this story. I like the fact, that despite being harder to aim at, the clitoris is so sensitive... as much as balls i would say. And if the pussy is pumped up (yes, the pussy pump used to enlarge the vulva and also makes it more sensitive) and you crush the whole vulva all the way up to the public bone. I am sorry to say it, but this is worse than a kick to the balls. I have done it with my own leg and seen it with my own eyes. Disclaimer! The kick was not hard tho! But if the same force was used on testicles, the man would have gotten up sooner.
The women also have breasts, which too can be sensitive and if you know how to aim for the belly and strike the ovaries with precision, that makes it three... sweet spots! I have also found out , that we men are superior because... we can actually... lift our testicles up to the bottom of abdomen, but will still be stucked a bit over the penis, therefore... emptying the ballsack. So when a girl tries to kick the balls, well, they are not there!
How exactly can/will a woman move her pussy somewhere else? :) All you women can do, is take the kick like women fall on the ground, suffer and look weak. But you know what? I don't make fun of that. It's so OKAY to be hurt after a groin kick, we men know that! And it's so OKAY to look weak in this moment! Because you are! And i love you for this! And i love how all the (supposed) female superiority is washed away in one good kick to the vulva. :)
Just to clear things up, i may be a sadist ( i am actually a monster) , but no female genitalia suffered permanent damage because of my actions! I have never kicked minors, as adult! I have kicked underage girls, when i was underage myself! I don't go around in streets, kicking female genitals! Most of the kicks were done under consent from both sides.
And now to end up with the worst part... When a girl is in real pain, after a decent (at least) kick to the vulva, i love putting my hands on her, while she in on the ground, holding her sensitive pussy and suffering. I touch the girl in ways... to feel her pain, and how much she is in pain. I watch her in the eyes with a smile, a grin on my face that is saying (yes, i kicked you there and i enjoy it so much! how are you feeling) and i love the girls realizing what my smirk means, and expressing their horror and pain to me. Because i feed on it.
And for which is ever worse, my balls were never kicked.

I am going to sleep, i have no idea if this will have any comments and/or questions, but if anyone wants to ask about stories or something related, i will answer. For those who hate me, no need to say it. I know you hate me and your have good reasons.

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    • Step away from the meth pipe !

    • I know a ball-busting bitch I would love for you to take care of. She's old, and not very attractive, and I would do it myself, but, I'd rather film you doing it. I'm scared that once I got started with her, I would go too far.
      This cunt and myself go way back. As a fourteen yr. old I was friends with her son, and was around her home, a lot. She often pranced around in her bra and panties, and once answered her door, naked, when her husband and son were gone. She also exposed her breasts to me while we were fishing. I was very turned on, but scared and confused. She caught me looking in her window, one night. She told my parents, insinuating she wanted to call the law, but they promised her they'd would send me to a church camp, that summer. It was two weeks of religious and homosexual hell, and a story in its' own right. I fell in with bad company after that, and hated religion and saw girls and women as objects to be used. I still do.
      Her ongoing fantasy went like this. She wanted to lure a "nigra' man", a passive-aggressive term for the n-word, to her home, get him all excited, make him think he was going to get some pussy, then, hit him in his exposed balls with a large soft drink bottle, breaking his jewels, and possibly breaking the bottle, cutting his ball sack open. She would break into a sweat recounting that ditty.
      I know what I would do with her. What would you do ?

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