Sister in law

Many years ago I met my future wife in college. We got along fairly well, it took me a few dates to finally get her in the back seat of my VW where we screwed the shit out of each other. Her family were nice enough to me except her younger sister, she was a bitch and would always say something nasty to me. I couldn't figure out why and didn't care. One day I came over to meet my girl and was greeted at the door by my future mother in law, she said to go upstairs that my girl was up there, so up I went. It wasn't my girl but her bitch of a sister, she smiled at me and said," Hello big boy," I didn't know what to do, it was the first time she had been nice to me. She was wearing a short black dress and a smile that spoke volumes. I walked up to her and pulled her close, she began to rub my chest and abs. I had an instant hard on, it was pushing out of my shorts and she began to rub her hips and crotch into it. I lost all control and pushed her onto the bed, I noticed her pink undies and pulled them down . Then I pulled down my shorts and exposed my 7 inch cock. Her eyes were on my hard cock as she pulled me on top of her, my cock went right in , no problem. It was a real quick fuck, both of us grinning from ear to ear. I cam in gallons and she bucked like a wild animal. She thought she heard noises on the stairs, remembering that mom was at the front door, we both dressed quickly and went our separate ways. It was not the only time I fucked my future sister in law. She would make excuses that she was going shopping or hanging out with her boyfriend when in reality we were meeting and fucking our brains out. It was exciting to be cheating like that, having my future wife and her sexual powerhouse of a sister. She met a nice guy who she later on married but she complained to me that he had a small 5 inch cock and she was never satisfied with that. Needless to say we continued our secret fuck sessions but on a limited basis.I often think back to that first time we fucked, how my future mother in law sent me upstairs to the sisters room. Was she mistaken or did she set it up ? The noises on the stairs, where they hers ? Did she watch the whole thing? I will never know .

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