The old man on the train

My story begins one day after staying late at school for play practice. I had to catch the last train headed my way toward my small town which by the way was a two hour ride. I boarded the train car and sat down in the last row of seats. An old man entered just as we started off and was headed my way. I was really hoping that he wouldn't sit near me but he did, in fact he took the seat right next to me. I acted like I had fallen asleep so that i wouldn't have to talk to him. After a few minutes I felt his hand brush my thigh which was exposed by my short school skirt. Ar first i wanted to say something but figured it was an accident but then there it was again only this time it was a longer brush. I wanted to see how far he would go so I stayed still. His hand got bolder with each touch and soon I started to feel a hotness start to grip me.

Not wanting to startle him and not wanting him to stop, I moved slowly as if asleep and moved myself to offer him a better angle to move to where I knew he wanted to go. His hand was back to making its way up and under my skirt. It felt hot as it made its way toward my waiting and now throbbing pussy. At last it found it and began to massage it through my panties. I let out a small muffled moan and he stopped for a moment then continued massaging and pushing my panties aside he inserted a finger into my pussy. I was having a hard time keeping still. I opened my eyes to see him pull out a nice long and slender cock. I looked at him and smiled and pushed myself back against the car window bringing my knees up. He reached for my panties and I helped him take them off. He brought his head down and gave my pussy to good work out. He got off at the next stop but not before I gave him a big kiss and told that I would be here the next day.

Since then we have gotten to know each other better and he has even had me to his place where we fuck whenever we want. He may be old but he's mine for now.

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  • I was on the metro out to Shady Grove one night. It's the end of the line and not a lot of people ride out that far. I was sitting there by myself when we stopped in Rockville and this woman got on. She came back and sat down across from me. She had on a skirt and when I said hello she opened her legs and exposed her vagina to me. Looking at me the whole time and not saying a word she started rubbing her self and sticking her fingers inside herself. I never said anything and just watched the show. When we got to the end of the line, she and I both got up and excited the metro train. She smiled and winked at me as she walked off in the opposite direction. I have no idea who she was nor did I ever see her again.

  • I was groped on a metro train by a Spanish woman, and I’m a middle aged man.

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