Masterbating to wife

I took video of me and my wife having sex and I keep it on my phone. I regularly masturbate and image that it's someone else fucking her. I was in the bathroom masterbating to the video again when my wife walked in and caught me. She was seriously upset and thought I was masterbating to another woman. I finally got her to calm down and see that it was her I was masterbating to. She asked me why I felt the need to masturbate instead of ask her for sex. I didn't want to tell her my fantasy but as the day drug on she continued to hound me for an answer. By that night I was so tired and angry myself that I just blurted it out. I told her it's because I fantasized about you fucking someone else and the video helps me visualize that. The look on her face was like someone had just shocked the crap out of her. She asked me how long I had the fantasy. To which I explained that it has always been my fantasy. Then she asked if I really wanted her to fuck someone else. I didn't know what to say, but when she asked again I said yes. She told me she would make my fantasy come true if that is what I wanted. Again I said yes. Then I got a shock when she said there was this guy she works with who had come onto her several times. She told me he was cute and would have already fucked him had she not been married to me. She told me she would say something to him the next day at work. The following day she came home and said she had talked to the guy and although he is married, he would find a way to come over and have sex with my wife. That Saturday night he showed up. He and my wife fucked like teenagers on the bed for hours while I watched from the chair. This man shoved his dick in my wife's mouth so far she was gagging. I never knew she could take a dick down her throat that far. He fucked her pussy until she was raw and she even let him fuck her in the ass, something that she has always told me she didn't do. Afterward I asked her why she did so many kinky things she never did with me. She told me it was strictly a porno show for my benefit and that she didn't love this guy. She said it's easy to act like a slut when you only want sex and nothing else. She also told me that she hoped I enjoyed it because it will never happen again. Good thing I took video, because now I regularly masturbate to the real thing. Sometimes my wife will even masturbate with me as we watch the video together.

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  • I'm a cuckold, I've watched my wife on several occasions have sex with other men. It awesome, not only is a turn on, it's a natural high for me.

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