Flashing my panties

I have a fetish for women's panties. Coupled with the fact that I also have a tiny dick that most women wouldn't enjoy fucking, I get really turned on when a woman sees my tiny dick in panties and tries her best not to keep looking and laughing.
My dick, when fully erect is 4 inches long. When soft, its about an inch. A lot of my female friends have commented that a five inch dick is just too small to satisfy a woman. When hanging out, sometimes we surf the internet and porn always comes up. Most of my female friends always laugh at the small-dick stuff,
I began taking panties of my lady friends whenever the opportunity was available. Mostly, I'd take them from their dirty laundry hampers. I'd go home and jerk off with them...however, recently, I have been wearing their panties when hanging out. I cut a hole in the crotch area of some loose fitting shorts and whenever I kneel or sit, the panties I am wearing can clearly be seen. So many women have noticed the panties and all of them have had pretty much the same reaction....at first, they aren't sure as to what they can see...then they discreetly keep looking. When it registers, they either let out a small and stifled laugh or they end up smiling and grinning and they try not to look but can't help themselves and continue to look. I wonder if they want to tell me they can see my tiny dick and panties. I wonder if secretly, it turns the on. Ladies...your thoughts? And any suggestions on other ways I can discreetly show off my panties?

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  • Wear your panties out and when you have to use the restroom and your standing in front of a urinal have your pants or shorts hanging down on your bottom so people can see them on your bottom

  • Thanks for the tip but im not gay

  • Yes it turns us on, we all want ti dress you up and have a fantasy involving you

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