Naked all the time

When my wife and I got married, we spent a week at a relatives cabin in the deep woods of the Adirondacks. We were naked for the entire time unless we went into town then got dressed but immediately off came everything back at the cabin. My wife actually started getting undressed on the way home. We were able to walk around the yard and take small walks thru the woods naked, as well as have sex in the back yard. It was a great honeymoon. And when we got home it was nudity then too, but we didn't have the freedom to lounge around the yard, so my dad and I build a privacy fence around the yard which helped conceal us and we could lounge in the back yard naked but only in certain areas as some of the neighbors had two story houses. My wife even had a girlfriend of hers who would come over at times and lay out on the deck naked to sun bathe because she had no privacy at the apartment building she lived in, and she didn't seem the least bit upset or nervous if I happened to venture into the backyard when she was naked, but she was usually only there if my wife was home and then they'd both be naked together, my what a sight to see them both like that. Anyway it's au naturel for us both to be naked as much as possible, and there's very little laundry. She's the one who actually started me being naked when we both met and likes it that way.

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  • I married a woman 12 years older than me and she has a daughter that is 10 years younger than me. Her daughter is a nudist and runs around the house naked all the time. At first it bothered me, but now I'm used to it. Her daughter wanted to join a nudist community in our area but they only allow couples or families. She tried to have me help her convince her mother, my wife to join, but my wife is not into nudity so we didn't join. The daughter eventually married and moved out, then divorced and is now back home with us. The first day she was back I came home from work and walked in to her standing in the kitchen nude. I guess things never changed.

  • MIL (she wasn't hot or anything) and I didn't get along at first but later made up. We realized that nudity just wasn't that big of a deal. She had walked in on me several times when I was getting ready, drying off from the shower, etc. Wife left the bedroom door open a few times only for MIL to walk to the bathroom to speak to me, thinking I was dressed and wasn't. It didn't bother her in the least bit. I had gotten used to it in fact. She wouldn't go nude in front of me, just bra and panties. When she stayed with us I was working in the yard and came in dirty. Not wanting me to track mud and dirt in the house, she met me by the washer downstairs and had me strip as she put my clothes, underwear and socks included, into the washer. Once I even sat nude in her sauna at her home with her. She was wrapped in a towel and I just sat on mine. We were comfortable. Wife wasn't comfortable but was convinced, and it was the truth, that nothing was going on.

  • So did you get a chance to fuck your stepdaughter?
    You know she wants it if she's walking around naked in front of you. You need to tap that ass before she gets away.

  • Just because she likes being nude certainly does not indicate she wants to be fucked, so let her enjoy it, why not join the nudist colony with her

  • I would never disregard my wife's feelings by joining a nudes community without her. Her daughter will just have to wait until she finds another boyfriend to join with her.

  • Man the black flies in the Adirondacks had to be terrible. Its hard to hike there fully clothed. I would hate to think of what would of been bitten nude..yikes

  • Actually we were there end of July and had no black flies, we must have gotten lucky and just missed them

  • My wife and I discovered naked living when we 1st got together. Then we decided to try visiting a nudist club which couldn't have worked out any better.
    We got to be close friends with several couples. Living naked and having friends that do the same is a pretty awesome way to roll. We also learned to stick to couples only as far to many single males just can't handle being around naked women without becoming flaming dumb asses especially when they are drinking.

  • That is just so great, all the best

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