Passed out wife

My wife lets off steam every now and throws back some shots, the last time we did this she also smoked a little weed one of her girlfriends had so she was flying pretty high right up until she was tits down.
I got her home and laid her out on the bed then stripped off her clothes before tucking her under the covers but her boobs are so damn awesome, I love her nipples so I started playing with them. She was so passed out she did not even flinch a muscle as I kissed and licked them.
I was turned on by then and spread her legs out wondering if I could get her to orgasm and would she even move with her clit stimulated. I got her lips parted and began licking and sucking on it but again no response at all, not even legs tightening up or anything. What did amaze me though was after a few minutes she was getting wet, I was wondering how that all worked with her high as a kite passed out. This got me more turned on and I gave her clit a great lick and suck session for quite some time then felt her pussy pulsating and her stomach muscles were tightening up and down. She did change her breathing some but there was no moaning at all, and she is a serious moaner. Her pussy was drenched though and I pushed her knees up spreading her legs a little then slowly worked my cock into her giving myself some pleasure then cleaned up and went to sleep.
She woke up the next morning and told me she had no clue what happened last night so I told her all about the party and that she did not need to apologize to anyone because she was a pretty happy drunk. She then told me she had no memory of us making love and I again told her she had nothing to be sorry about because it was a great time. She made some joke about how it must have been like fucking a sex doll. I told her it was awesome and she had an orgasm from it. She seemed okay with it but her facial expression was one of confusion because she did not understand why that was fun for me and I told her well think about it, most of the time we make love your on your back getting pleasured by me then I just get a little cock sucking to get me hard then usually we have intercourse until I have an orgasm.
She shrugged and told me as long as I had a good time she was good with it.


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  • My wife ended our anal fun a loooong time ago. I always told her if she ever passes out she is gonna get it in her ass. She doesn't pass out when she partys to much but there are times she cant remember the night before. The hard part is I never can tell when that is because she doesn't show when she's gone past her limit. Oh her day is coming!

  • Nice! I did something similar. Except I wasn't the one fucking her. I took my wife out to dinner and then dancing. We planned on staying in the city so we didn't have to drive home and risk an accident. She got so drunk she fell asleep at the room no sooner than we arrived. I stripped her naked and then I called a man I met on line who lived a few hours from us. I watched as he fucked her really good. I took some pics and made a video to enjoy later. He wanted to come inside of her but I said no. Then he said you can tell her it was you who filled her pussy. I said ok and man what a turn on that was. Seeing his come all inside of her pussy. I shot a load halfway across the room. She would never have consented to having sex with another man. Hey what she doesn't know won't hurt her. lol.

  • Sure, why not arrange your partner's rape for your own pleasure?

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