My friend Mark

My married friend Mark is coming to St. Louis soon to fuck me with his 9" cock. I'm also married and my wife has no idea that Mark and I have been fucking all these years.

I'm preparing by wearing butt plugs every day.

Mark will be over to the house while my wife is working at the library.

So horny in anticipation of Mark's horse cock.

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  • I had a friend I had enlisted to join me in a threesome with my g/f. He had a nine inch cock ( yes, we measured it ). I'm just a normal six incher, and though the g/f loved it, she REALLY got off on his bigger one. I hit it first, and then he took it. She had gone to the toilet to clean up, and he's laying on the bed, his beautiful cock slowly shrinking. He saw me looking and asked, "You wanna lick her pussy juice off ? " I went to him, and began licking the huge purple head, cleaning it of cum and pussy slime, and she comes back from the toilet and fucking freaks out. " Queers, oh my God, queers ! " she screeched and banished us from her life.
    Word got around that he and I were queer, which wasn't totally true, we loved pussy too. He never struck out when hitting on the women, and his first night doing so really crushed him. He drank more than usual and became despondent. I had to drive him home. Once there, I put on some coffee, and broke open a hit of what we called "truck driver speed" , and we snorted it. We talked and he began feeling better. He got up to go piss, and came back, naked and fully erect. He beckoned me to his bedroom where I stripped and joined him in bed. We got into a 69 and sucked each other. I came in just a few minutes, but, he remained hard and wanted more. He rubbed on some mineral oil, and took my ass. He was rough, and animalistic. He fucked me all over his bed. He took forever, eventually flooding my bowels with his seed. I hope you enjoy your nine incher every bit as much !

  • Mark fills me up good, and he loves it when I squat down on our kitchen floor and spray his junk all over our floor...which he then makes me lap up.

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