Stroked off by my older sister

I'm 15 and in high school. I usually masturbate while looking at magazines like Penthouse and Play Boy. Shit like that. I thought I had locked my bedroom door but the lock is messed up and sometimes it's not locked when you think it is. Anyway I'm like going at it madly when the door opened and my sister stuck her head inside to tell me dinner was almost ready. I quickly grabbed the covers to cover myself but it was too late. Molly caught me in the act.

She came inside my room and closed the door. She was laughing at me and she yanked back the covers. I was totally naked with my briefs around my ankles. I was telling her to get out when she sat on the bed next to me. Then she said she knew it was hard being at my age and said she wanted to help me. I was first horrified. Then I said you mean? Yeah I mean stroking your dick for you she replied. Then she said , hey I do it for my boyfriend so why not you.

She asked me for some lube and I handed her the tube. She squirted some on her hand and then she began to stroke me. Her hand was very soft and felt so good. I began to make noise and she stroked me harder and faster. I looked over at one of my magazines. Molly took off her top and then her bra. Her little perky breast looked so good. I wanted to touch them. She then said as if reading my mind it was ok if I wanted to feel them. So I played with her nice sexy tits. She has small nipples and areolas. Oh my they felt so good.

She stroked me fast then slow and then fast again running her soft long fingers over the tip. Then suddenly I shot a load of cum straight up and all over her hand. She continued to stroke it gripping the area around the head very tightly milky all my creamy goodness out of it. Then she got up grabbed a bunch of Kleenex and whipped her hand off. Put on her bra and top and told me to get dressed for dinner. I was so aroused feeling a females hand around my cock. I almost forgot she was my sister.

A bout a week later I asked her is she wouldn't mind doing that thing for me again. She said oh like now you expect it. I said oh no. That's why I asked. She said ok and told me to come in and shut the door. It was just her and I home all alone. Molly is 17 and I so enjoyed what she did for me. She instructed me to take my clothes off and get on her bed. Then I watched as she stood up and took off her top and bra. Then she unbuttoned her short and removed them. The sight of her ass in her panties made me so fucking hard. She sat next to me and began to stroke me. I forgot the stupid lube though.

Molly opened her nightstand drawer and took out some KY His&Hers and put some on my cock. Then she started to stroke me. I was so enjoying her hand and I was using my pelvis to pump like I was fucking her hand. She stood back up and slid her panties off. My eyes widened at the sight of her little landing strip. Wow! I saw all of her. Her hot round little sex ass and her bare little mound. She told me don't get any ideas. I'm your sister you pervert. She told me to get up and then she laid down on her bed. She spread her legs and asked if I had seen a real live pussy before. I said you mean besides moms?

Yes I had seen my mother naked many times as a young boy. Molly said no. I mean a girl your age. I told her not yet. She told me to take a good look as they pretty much look very similar. Then she squirted more lube on her tummy just above her vagina. She told me to get between her legs and to put my cock on her tummy. Then she said now pump like you were before. I was doing exactly that. My penis sliding back and fourth on her stomach. I went a bit to far and my penis tip poked at her opening. At least I thought it was her opening.

She laughed at me and said nice try but your still way to high and then she smacked my bare ass. It hurt. I continued to hump and pump on her stomach. Once again I went too far and poked at her mound. She smacked me even harder. Then she said do it again and your going back to your room. I told her I was sorry and begged her not to send me away. I kept going and I was being very careful. Then she grabbed my dick and began to rub it up and down in her clit. OMG! That felt so good.

Molly then slid it down and she said try it here. I moved my hips inward and I felt my hard 15 year old 5.5 inch penis slide inside of her. It felt so good. I had stopped for a moment and Molly told me to keep pumping. She looked as if she was enjoying it. I know I was. She told me that if I felt myself about to shoot my load to pull out and do it on her tummy. I was pumping and thrusting into my sister. I tried not to think of her as my sister. I felt it was close and I slowed up my pumping wanting to make it last.

I felt her hands on my little bottom. The sensation was so wonderful. I went to pumping faster and I thought I had great control. I felt myself getting close and I slowed up and it went away. Then I sped up again. My ass was going up and down between her thighs and they were moving back and fourth like a butterfly's wings. I felt myself loosing it and I bared down to suppress it but the next thing I knew I felt a rush of fluid through my urethra and I did exactly what I wasn't suppose to. I ejaculated inside Molly.

At this point Molly asked if I had just came inside of her. I swallowed and said yes. She called me a bastard and told me to get off of her. Then she said you better hope you didn't just get me pregnant or it's your ass. I said I was sorry. I thought you were on the pill. She said she had to go back for her annual checkup to get more. I was now terrified. That was it though cause no more would Molly even masturbate me after that day. Nothing happened but I was sweating bullets for a few weeks. She said she had done all she could for me and I was ready for a girl now. I was a kind of awkward geeky kid.

When I was about 16 and half I met my first girlfriend . We ended up having sex several times in our family room right under my mothers nose. I knew exactly what to do. Her name was Alayna. After we had fucked 4 or 5 times she said she just wanted to be friends. I learned another lesson. Girls play games on us guys. She said we could still go out but didn't want to have sex anymore. We did it unprotected so lucky I didn't get her pregnant. I asked her why did she do it. Alayna told me cause she wanted me to like her. Then I found out she was texting with another guy and that's why she broke it off. But not before I got the pussy. I have to say I really enjoy having sex with girls my age. And thanks to my big sis I know what I'm doing.


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  • That’s really awesome dude. Rock on

  • I really wanted to fuck my brother when I was a younger girl. I never had the guts like your sister.

  • You should have. My sister and I have a real special bond today. I would do anything for her and she /me. We even have those moments when our eyes meet and we just chuckle and smile. Then our spouse's ask , " what's up with that. " we say ," oh nothing and break out laughing." It's our special thing.

  • Shame, sex between siblings is great!

  • Great story! If I had a hot sister like that, it wouldn't have been a one time thing. She should have taken a "day after pill." Then we'd be fucking in different positions all over the place, as often as possible. Hot sister pussy. Gotta love it!!!

  • They still make Playboy and Penthouse? I thought that was an '80s thing. I'm guessing you must be 50, not 15.

  • Your sister sounds hot as fuck

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