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I work in a small car repair facility. It only has three bays and now we only have one bathroom after the ladies room pipes froze and broke over the winter. The boss is too cheap to fix it. So what he did was give all the employees a key of their own. When anyone needs to use the bathroom we have a key on a hook for the customers we take down and put under the counter. The customers we give the key marked restroom and explain which door it is ( men's room ). The ladies room we turned into a storage room. Our place is just an old service station built back in the mid 60's. The wall between the two bathrooms is just plaster and 2 X 4 studs. So we decided to buy a two way mirror and cut a hole between them.

So one night after work we did so. My co- worker Tommy and I made a nice neat hole that gave us a perfect side view of the throne. We used double sided 3M tape to secure the mirror over the hole. On the wall inside of the ladies room we used a picture we found of some old oil cans back in the day when it was a Esso station and hung it over our handy work. Inside of the opening we cut a piece of 2 X 4 and glued in place as a shelf. It makes a nice place to put our video camera. Tommy and I could hardly wait to use our neat spot we created. Our boss's wife is pretty sexy and hot at least we think. She also does the books every Thursday. So we waited till she went to use the restroom and we went running for the storage room. We both were drooling as we observed her pull down her jeans and then her sexy little pink lace panties. Her ass was so fucking tight and curvaceous. We both snickered and Tommy started to laugh. I had to put my hand over his mouth so he wouldn't give us away. We watched in amazement as she stood up and turned to the side as she flushed giving us a perfect shot of her sexy hot mound.

I paused the camera and then we waited till she was gone for a few minutes. Then we made our way Tommy first and then me back to working on the jobs we had in the bay. For the first few days we would both make our way to the storage area anytime a worthy candidate made her way to the restroom. The video we got was so fucking awesome. Then we started to take turns as to not make things so obvious to our boss. The video camera we decided to remove after each evening just in case. Now we don't leave it at all. We just use one of our smart phones to video. This way if the hole is ever discovered we can say we know nothing about it. We love all the videos we have made of sexy women and especially our cheap fucking boss's wife. She continues to give us wonderful shots of her twat and ass. The things we have seen women do in the bathroom is so wild.

I actually got a nice view of a young girl fingering herself for a few brief moments sitting on the toilet. I even got to view another co-workers girlfriend's shaved cunt. I couldn't wait to show Tommy. He came over to my place and we drank a few beers and watched on my huge flat screen. It has had an effect we didn't consider. We both hardly miss a days work now and the our fucking cheap tight wad of a boss even praised us for it. We just smiled and said we love our jobs so much then gave a big high five to each other. No we don't post what we have to the internet either. We're not stupid you know. I sure would love to pound the boss's wife's pussy just one time. Ok well maybe several times.

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  • I did the same thing at my work. Except we made a very small hole to see through right into the ladies bathroom. It was just on the other side by the back of the kitchen closet area in our restaurant. We enjoyed watching the ladies squat to pee and loved watching them wipe. Oh yeah! I thought we were the only pervs out there crazy enough like us. Awesome man.

  • Yeah sure you did. Good story though. I work for a large equipment repair facility. Mainly CATS , lots of big dozers and graders and loaders. Anyway we have offices with lots of women. Our janitor showed me a box of pubic hairs he collected from the ladies room. Man is he creepy. I have seen him like looking hard at the women while working. He told me he looks at their hair and then fantasies about their pubic hairs.

  • Hey you promised not to tell about my collection asshole.

  • Enjoy yourself

  • Cool dude. Just keep in mind that what you are doing is a felony and will get you placed on the sex offenders registry of perverts, for all of your friends, relatives, future employers, and neighbors to see. Have fun.

  • Did you two have a sausage party and run one out while you watched the videos.

  • I mounted a mini spy camera in the ladies dressing room at the place I work. I have seen so much tits, ass, and pussy my mind is now warped the fuck out from it. Oh yes it is. You see not only have I seen some hot babes but I have seen the 50, 60, and 70 year old nasty looking super hairy women. Big flabs of fat hanging over everything. It's a curse. I took the camera down. Stop before you see something you can't un see.

  • Sure, who cares if it's a crime and you could both go to prison.

  • Far be it from me to level such judgement on fellow pervs. Perhaps you should go back to the safety of the knitting circle, Poindexter !

  • Judgement? I suck anonymous men's cocks and swallow their cum. But its legal. I think of my post more as a warning.

  • This is a warning for you. If I meet you I will shove my monster dick all the down your throat. Then I will roll you over and fill your fucking ass full of my huge cock and you will scream like a bitch.

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