My Girlfriend's Older Sisters

I want to have the most nasty, RAW, wet, sloppy, hot & sweaty sex I possibly can with my girlfriend's two older sisters, A & D. I want to cum on their faces!

A is my age, 25 this year. D is 23 or 22, can't recall and don't care. She's of age and bad as fuck so I wanna fuck her day and night while no one's around. My girlfriend finally turns 21 in a few days. I met her when she was 18 and I was 21 going on 22.

There's nothing quite like "forbidden sex". You know, sex you're "not suppose to have". Sex with your fine thick ass teacher, sex with a female friend that's not your sister but "like a sister", sex with your boss, co-worker, student, and sex with your girlfriend's sisters are all great examples of sex that is a tabu; "forbidden".

If I ever got the slightest inclination that A or D wants the D, ima fuck them both without a care in the world! Trust! And ima make sure they want it more and more. Ima bust all over their faces and watch it drip through their teeth and down their mouth! A is a thick thick girl with big ass breast and ass for days! I love watching her come into the house or step outta the car with that heavenly body she's got, whoa. I'm getting hard as I type this. Now D, she's a nasty freak who stay on a new brotha's dick. She always got a new boyfriend and always buying them cars and shit. I wouldn't mind that. Nonetheless, D is the first sister I wanted. She got the best body of the three sisters with some of the most succulent, well positioned, and soft looking breast. I can tell from her skin on her tits that she has the best dark brown big round bumpy areolas! One time I waiting for my Gf to come downstairs for a date, her father and sister D was in the living room with me, D barely wears clothes even around her sister's boyfriend. My gf had to check her before about wearing booty short and no bars, I wasn't complaining, I was looking hard! Anyway, D was sitting next to me on the couch and their father was across in a single chair, both of them fixated on the TV, me fixated on some melanin DD's!!! As D kept leaning back or forward, I matched that so I can move my eyes to look down her shirt which was giving me enough cleavage to whereas though her tities where about to fall out her small shirt!!! Sometimes I think that she WANTS me to see her body, why tf else she half naked around her sis bf? Well I didn't want her pops to noticed me looking so I placed my head straight toward the TV and my eyes do the walking! Eventually my GF finally was ready and I kinda wished her sister D was coming too, she dress more like a woman in my book so she really turns me on more than mt girl. I wanna have sex with my girl and her sisters simultaneously. There is nothing wrong with that! I want wet raw sex with D first and A later cuz D got a well put together body, good size butt, big tits! Lovely! One day, I truly believe I'll get to have sex with one of my girlfriend's sisters. I know it and pray for it single fucking everyday! Pray that I get all the pussy I want in this world. Asè


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  • Ok let me see if I got this, you want you want you want.

  • I'll fuck ya moms

  • What? Stfu

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