Pregnant sister

I met my older half sister only two years ago. I am my father's illegitimate son, and he confessed we were his "other" family. His confession pretty much destroyed both families, but through it all, my half sister and I met and got along really well instantly.
So well that I actually developed a crush on her. She's beautiful, unmarried, funny and incredibly intelligent (PhD and all). Despite her age she's really youthfull (she's 38, I'm 25), so we started to go out together to parties and such, and one night I ended up in her appartment, kinda drunk, and made a comment on how pretty she looked. Long story short, one thing led to another, we kissed, and we had sex. We got instantly hooked. We knew it was wrong, which is what made it so, so good.
That attraction has turned into genuine love, even if we've had to keep it secret. We've genuienely talked about finding ourselves jobs elsewhere and run away together to be a couple. I guess we'lle have tu kickstart that plan because she's pregnant. We know the risks, but we wanna keep it.


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  • Dude. I mean it’s not really wrong I’d say. It’s not like you knew each other beforehand.

  • I fucked my sister when she was pregnant, but not showing much. She and her husband had a fight, so she came home to stay with us for a while. We've always been close and smoked weed together, and so we did again. When she cried on my shoulder, I just gave her a kiss. Then she kissed me back, but longer. The next thing you know were making out, undressing each other, and in my bed together. You can't get a pregnant girl pregnant and we fucked, and we fucked. I'd jerked off thinking of her many times. We fucked several more times before she went back to her husband.

  • Get out of town together fast, before she starts to show. That way you won't have to explain who the father is to your relatives.

  • I don't think you have done anything wrong. It's good that something positive has come out of this situation. I think that you two should settle down together and enjoy your baby when it arrives. Good luck to you both

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