Shared wife

My desire was to have my wife have sex with a friend and I!
I didn't think she would ever do it but I was wrong, she agreed and she enjoyed every minute of it! Now she is looking for guys she knows on a social site that are interested in threesome's.
I love my wife and I always will, she has my support for anything she wants to do or try.

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  • I think you guys just like watching couples fuck. Most everyone does. Watching porn just doesn't cut it. Our best friends, Bob and Linda, go on vacation with us. We were out drinking came back to our room and we had sex 4 feet from each other -- no swapping -- just hot sex with our wives. Once you crossed that line -- you want to back, and we do for over 20 years now. Sometime Beth and I do it while they watch. other times we'll watch them. We get together about once a month.
    You don't have a Bob and Linda to watch so you pimp your wife. 20 years ago the 4 of us went to one of those group sex rooms. it was pretty hot - but some the guys want to fuck Beth and Linda -- we're not into that. Think those groups are still around.

  • Soon she will be telling you she wants to stay out later, maybe the whole night. She may find a guy who gives her the best sex of her life . When that happens you will no longer exist for her and you will be living in the guest bedroom. jerking off while her lover boy fuck the shit out of her. Your marriage has now changed forever and you can never go back.

  • Tell her you'd like to shoot a video of her getting gang-banged.

  • You're so incredibly lucky to have a whore for a wife.

  • Best to just keep it to a small amount of male partners that always use condoms or you both might get infected

  • Give me a shout...I’d gladly come over and be up for anything you two want to try!

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