Going bi

I'm a 60 yr old white male who wants to be ranged by a young man who will treat me like a slave and make me take his hard dick in my mouth and unload hid hot cum down my throat then fuck me till I scream and com all over myself

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  • I'm 60 also and find myself thinking about sucking cock and taking it up the ass. Never actually sucked off a man or been fucked by one. But in college a girlfriend gave me a makeover at her insistence; I looked so sexy my jaw dropped in shock when I saw myself. She laughed hysterically. It turned me on but I could not admit that to her.
    I've always been with women, but I find I wish I had crossdressed and given myself to the rich bisexual men in Palm Beach Fl who wanted guys like me. (Long story how I know that). Now I find myself wanting to give it a try, to actually do it all the way, especially with dominant females there to persuade me to be their sissy bitch for men.

  • I'm 60 also a straight male but bi-curious. Would like to try it too. Reply if interested

  • Oh yes, forgot to mention...

    Because we're out in the woods at 6:00 a.m., I can scream as much as I want to while they rape me and nobody will hear me. It's so fucking romantic.

  • I'm living your fantasy. 61 years old, married, wife is clueless. She doesn't know I'm bisexual nor does she know that I like to walk around in the woods across the street from our suburban house in the nude. Well, I got caught out there last summer by a couple of college-aged studs who knew where I lived. Told me this would be our little secret so long as I did their sexual bidding. Now I tell the wife I'm going for my morning walk at 6:00 a.m. when what I'm really doing is meeting these guys (either one of them or both of them) to service their cocks.

  • Wow, sounds like Paradise to me,
    Swallow a load for the good ole boy
    From S.C.

  • I'm Greenville born&breed

  • First encounter of the new "season" just last week. By "season" I'm referring to the return of nice weather and foliage on the trees to provide us with cover in the woods when we're fucking and sucking off the main trail. Actually got fucked twice last week, by each guy separately. Bareback. Loaded me up good. When I returned home and hopped in the shower (after my wife had left for work), cum was draining out of my asshole when I sat down on the toilet. Ended up farting most of it out of me.

  • HIV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beware.

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