Seducing my mom

She was in the kitchen when I came up behind her. I reached around her, sliding a hand under each of her breasts, slightly cupping them. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her 36C breasts felt soft and warm in my hands. Since there was no reaction, I began holding them more firmly, massaging them, feeling her nipples becoming hard. Still no reaction, so I reached down, pulling up her tank top above her breasts. With nothing said, I took them completely in my hands, fondling them, and twisting her nipples with my fingers. Only a slight moan escaped her lips. I took my right hand moving it down her shorts with an elastic waste. I slid my hand under it. Still no response as I slid my hand into her panties, over her pubic hair to her clit, and slit. I boldly started rubbing her clit with the tips of my fingers. Now she was breathing faster, and a constant moan coming from mouth. Her clit grew larger, and harder, as I rubbed it even more vigorously. I moved both of my hands to the elastic of her shorts, and in a mighty swoop, both shorts and panties were to her ankles. I slid my hard cock, dripping pre-cum, cock to her wet pussy slit, and pushed it slowly into her warm, wet depths. "Oh honey," my mom exclaimed!!

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  • My dad made my step-mom teach me about sex when I was a virgin at 18. I was going away to college in the fall, and my dad wanted me to know what to do when the opportunity arrived. My step-mom is actually very attractive, and I'd already beat off thinking of her many times. What fun it was learning techniques and positions for three months. I did get a girlfriend my first year in college, but that sex training gave me so much respect for my dad.

  • Its ok if your head can cope with it some can not

  • Seduced your Mom? Reads more like a grope and bang fantasy.

  • You don't get the point. She didn't resist.

  • Rubbish isn't it?

  • Rubbish? Since you're not from the US, your opinion doesn't count.

  • Harsh!

  • My mom was just a mom until I hit puberty. Suddenly I realized she has a great pair of tits, and a tight ass. I saw her body more than any other female and I enjoyed the view. Now at 18 my mom is divorced, but still very hot. I'm about to make my move. I don't want kids, or a long term relationship, but I do want to touch her all over and fuck her pussy hard!

  • My mom lets me fuck her since I was 13, she got real fat after my dad left us, and she's really quite ugly, so it's no wonder she lets me fuck her. I don't think anyone else would. Uglyness aside, I love pumping my mom full of cum. Damn, I'm getting hard just thinking about it. Think I'll go tap that fat ass right now.

  • Your mom deserves better than you

  • Sure you did.

  • You need to have sex with your mom.

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