My wife and our boxer

My wife and I have a very good sex life and we are open to trying new things, but together. At least I thought so. She had not been wanting sex lately and would not tell me anything except that she was not in the mood. I just let it be. One day I was looking under the bed for a bottle cap that rolled under. Saw our box of toys and pulled them out to get myself in the mood for some hopeful sex. I found some booties in the box and when I looked closely there were 4 of them and I guessed they were for the dog.

Later I asked about them and she told me that they were for the dog and she used them to keep the dog from scratching the wood floor. I said I had ever seen them before and she said she had actually forgot about them. I said okay but got to thinking. I had some suspicions watched things for a week or so. One day she told me she had some afternoon appointments, so I kept watch on her car in the driveway using my doorbell cam. When the first appointment time came and it was till there, I took my lunch and I drove the 10 minutes home. I let myself in through the garage and quietly made my way to the bedroom. I got close to the door which was ajar, and almost fell over. Giz, our gog was mounted on her doggy style and was fucking her hard. And yes, he had the booties on to keep from scratching her. She was moaning and screaming out. I could see cum dripping out of her and saw that he was knotted in her.

I waited until they were calming down so he could slip out, and walked in, startling her and Giz. I just started saying that this must be the reason she is never in the mood with me anymore. She started making excuses and I just shushed her and told her that I was okay with it. She begged forgiveness and promised me many things if I did not hold it against her. As she spoke, I heard a pop and her gasp and he pulled out of her. I watched as a flood of doggy cum poured out and while I did not let her know, it was getting hard as a rock. I walked out feigning disgust, went in the other room, and sat down. She cleaned up and came out about 30 minutes later wanting to see if I was still "upset". I made her sit and tell me what all she had done and how long it had happened. Slow;y, I milked all I could from her over the following weeks as she was very willing to please me.

Now Giz is a regular part of what we do sexually. It is like having a threesome with the 3rd person doing anything and everything you want without question.

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  • Had a hot wild and crazy girlfriend many years ago and when she drank and smoked her pot she would do anything so one Saturday night I talked her in to letting my dog fuck her.
    We both were naked and I got her to spread her legs and after getting licked to 3 huge orgasms she wanted his dick. She got in the floor on her hands and knees and I helped my dog mount her and I guided his huge hot purple dick right in to her soaking wet pussy and she started moaning and yelling out loud and I knelt in front of her grabbed her head and fucked her mouth and throat and after awhile she let out a scream and said "Oh fuck" She told me he was shooting his cum in her and her pussy was stretched and it hurt a little. I shoved my dick in her mouth and came down her throat then got behind her to see my dogs dick knotted in her pussy. They were locked together for about 15 minutes or so and when he came out of her his cum poured out of her pussy and it just kept running out of her.
    She showered and douched really good and the very next day she asked if she could try it again and she let him fuck her and cum in her again. After that once or twice a week she came to my house for some doggie dick and we started going out in the woods and she would get naked and he would fuck her and cum in her like a bitch dog and she like sucking my dick while getting her pussy fucked by my dog.
    She was one hot wild horny crazy bitch and we had a great time.

  • I came home from work early once, because I thought my husband was cheating with our neighbor. Caught him with his cock buried balls deep in our female shepherd that was in heat. I took pictures then turned him in to law enforcement. Beastieality is illegal in our state. Now I divorced him, he's doing 5 years in prison, and I'm freevto fuck anyone I want too.

  • My wife lets our dog lick and mount her she told me one time that she loved how unpredictable he was when mounting her. Sometimes he stays in for a while other times he pops out and licks her more then mounts up again. He will do this for quite some time and it is a kick to watch them.

  • That is hot, I had a gf after college that I suspected let her black lab mount her. Always dreamed of catching her in the act.

  • Nice wife totally compliment in any of your sexual requests loving it x

  • Your extremely lucky

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