I was desperate and needed money

When I was in college I was piss broke. I was bad with my money, addicted to pills and I needed to pay rent or be evicted. I was so desperate but I wouldn't ask for help because I didn't want people to know. I used a friends laptop. Filled out job apps, put ads on craiglist that I would do anything for some quick cash.

Well I got a hit pretty quickly on the craigslist ad from a guy asking if anything meant anything. I said it was. He said he wanted to make sure I was really female and then he would make his offer. So we met up at a coffee shop.

I'm not gonna lie and say I'm some 10/10 girl. I'd say maybe a 5 or 6. With a slightly chubby body, big boobs and ass. chubby thighs. He was well over three hundred pounds but He liked what he saw, and made his offer. That if I spent the weekend with him and a couple friends doing whatever they asked they would pay my five thousand dollars. Half right then, the other half after the weekend was up. But I had to do everything they wanted. I knew it was wrong but I was desperate.

So we made the arrangements and that weekend I showed up at his house. Which was just horrid. It was disgusting. But I didn't care. It was for the money. He told me to undress, and I did. I knew what I had gotten myself into. He put a collar with a leash around my neck and said I'd be a slave for the next 48 hours. He put me on my knees and made me blow him. He didn't last long but he made me swallow all of his cum. He wasn't ready for seconds yet so he told me to start cleaning.

After he rested a bit and I cleaned up a bit of the mess. He took me to his bedroom which was equally disgusting, threw me on the bed and said he was going to fuck me. I asked him to wear a condom but he said slaves didn't get to ask for things. And fucked me raw on his bed. I thought he was going to crush me, but again he didn't last long but he came in me. He pulled me up by my hair, slapped my ass and told me to get back to cleaning.

I cleaned for a couple of hours until his friends showed up. There were two of them and they were about as fat as he was. They talked for a bit, drank a few beers. Then came to me pulled my hair, slapped me around a bit. Called me a dirty slut, a whore, a slave. Then put me to work on their cocks. They both had sex with me, then guy number one was up again and I fucked him again. Then again they made me clean.

He made me sleep with him in his bed that night. I truly felt like a slave. I woke up to him cuming on my face. Then he took me to the bathroom and told me to get in the shower, not to take a shower, but so he didn't make a mess. He wanted to piss on me, and I objected but he threw I said anything and my money was riding on anything. So again I gave in. He pissed all over me. And when his buddies woke up they did the same, one even made me hold open my mouth while he did it and drink it. I threw up, and they made me clean it up.

The whole day was being fucked, cleaning, sucking one of them off, cleaning some more, getting grabbed, slapped around a bit, pulled around on the leash, getting pissed on, repeat. At one point they dragged me into the back yard and made me bark like a dog, and beg to be used like a little bitch, and they told me to be loud so even the neighbors would hear. It was the most discouraging thing in my life.

By the end of it I was a mess of tears, the smell of piss and cum, and whatever stenches from the house that I cleaned. When I went home I took the longest shower of my life and cried. Skipped school for a few days, showered more and just cried. I was lucky not to have gotten pregnant or an STD.But I was all caught up on my bills.

I had done a lot of fucked up things to that point because of my pill addiction but that was the wake up call for me. I got help for my addiction. Made sure to dedicate myself to school, got a decent job to help pay my bills.


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  • I’m a pretty good looking guy I guess. Girls seem to like me and I can hook up when I want to. I always go to their house, give em a good fukkn and then pretend to fall asleep. Then I pee their bed, trying to get some on them. Sometimes they notice, wake up and I act like I’m embarrassed and run out. Most of the time they sleep through it.
    I had a girl do this to me in college. I never could get the pee smell off of my waterbed. Had to throw it out.

  • It was for the whole weekend, with some stiff rules to follow, but $5,000 is a shit load of money!!

  • Twenty two years ago when I was first out of college one of my sisters Honed if you business is down in Miami. Life sucked as a 21 year old teacher with bills so my frat brother and I used some of her locations to shoot porn. Which we sucked at but we sold them at the local flea markets. We found some dumb chick on a chatline who needed money to get her boyfriend out of jail. And we did every vile thing you can think for hours. I still remember her telling us only dogs fuck in the ass. She ending up getting dp’d by a crew of guys all on tape. We paid her and left her in the hotel on Biscayne Blvd. I saw her twice a few years later; first at the Sawgrass Mills Mall in a fucking burka with a guy and two kids. I said nothing but my idiot cousin and friend who was there that day started making stupid noises. I had to stop them. She was a waitress at a restaurant I went i to and said She said she found god when I asked her how she was and walked away.

  • Pardon the spelling errors.

  • You should be proud of yourself for doing what you needed to do. You are just like all women nothing but cum dumpster sluts for guys to use. My mother and sisters are just a place for me to cum when I was a kid and they were all drunk and sleeping at the time I was having sex with them. I really want to wish you a happy and prosperous new life as a cum dumpster slut and if you do it correctly you can earn a lot of money to pay your bills. Don't stop now because you think it's wrong to be doing. Get paid for having sex with total strangers and feel free to be proud of yourself too

  • Seriously? Someone would pay 5 grand to fuck someone? Me thinks probably not. For five grand, one could purchase 100 $50 whores who will do pretty much any and everything for $50.

  • I've been there, 400lbs, lost all that fat and down to 140, my husband wasn't giving me any attention, so I got it elsewhere. Got caught, he divorced me, I was forced to move out, the guy I was sleeping with was married too, and left me, I was bouncing from house to house looking for a job in between. Ended up having sex with my ex's staff for cash, it was just sex at first, then they started to bring in friends and more friends, they were filming this time, and taking pics, I was being peed on, even shit on. When I was done with all this they sent it to the family, even my kids. I literally had to move and change my name

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