Humiliated At The Hospital

I did not get to the hospital in time for my wife's delivery of our new baby boy. In the waiting room with me was a Middle Eastern looking man. When he was called in, I thought he also was a new Dad like me. When I was allowed in the room, he was there, gloating over his baby, who was obviously much darker than me or my wife. The nurses just smiled slyly at me , but I could see their thinly veiled pleasure at seeing me gape in astonishment at the scene. Her parents arrived and her Mother said at least he will be hung like his true Father, not me. I guess there is some solace in that. My wife did tell me after she wanted to have another child with the same guy.

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  • Are you nuts ?

  • Just share her with all your mates she love the cocks an they'll love fucking your wifr

  • I was 45 when I married my 22 year old wife.She had a kid with an ex and said she will give me kids but wanted another with her ex so her first two would be full siblings.I was against it and told her its unacceptable.When she finally got pregnant I assumed it was mine and then came the due date and the baby came out looking like him.Not as bad as we're both white.I didn't make a scene but when she came home I questioned her and she said she had decided it a long time ago and even started fucking him soon after we got married.Most people assume they're my children so I quietly accepted it.Wouldn't be shocked if she gets pregnant by him again,think she still visits him and they must be fucking.

  • I knew of this slut who got pregnant by her newlywed husband, a lawyer. They are both white, and her baby pops out quite chocolate, with kinky hair. He asked the nurse, also black, " Is that my child ? " Laughing she says, "Sure is !" He and his parents turned heel, and left, only to be heard of through lawyers. Turns out the slut had several black b/f 's and none of them ever stepped up to admit fatherhood. She tried to sue him for alimony, patrimony, abandonment, and got nowhere but bankrupted her father in the process.

  • For one of the billion cuck posts on this site, at least this one is funny. Good job.

  • Agree. best comment

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