Girlfriend and I went to Swingers Club

Samantha and I went to a Swingers Club in NYC after being told the rules we were split apart. Sammie going with a Master and two of his sex slaves and me going with a mistress and her two slave girls. We were going to only stay overnight as we were on a 7 day vacation. Sammie and I didn't know it was a Domination Swingers club. I am 25 years old and I am 5 foot 7 and 145 pounds and Sammie is 19 years old and is is 5 foot 3 and 105 pounds. We were both forced to undress and Sammie was made to put on stockings with see thru Black Bra and Panties . I was tied up and forced to watch them undressing my Girlfriend then watching her getting dressed up by her Master and his two slaves on a Video. I could see she was getting really Excited with her master and his two sex slaves by being forced to kiss the two slaves and suck her masters cock. I was also forced to dress up and the two slaves put makeup on me and a wig. I was then taken into the room where Sammie was tied up and was getting spanked with a cane and was being forced to serve a Master and his two slaves. I was so Hard watching her that I was popping out of my Panties, I was shocked to see the slaves with Sammie were crossdressers and she was taking cock in all 3 of her holes. I have never seen her cum so much and my mistress was sucking and biting my nipples. My cock was all the way out of my panties and my balls were still in my panties when the slaves were kissing me and sucking my cock when I was forced to go down on the two slaves I was with .Lifting up there skirts I found out they were crossdressers also. Next thing I knew I was in a 69 with a super sexy crossdresser. I was then put on a leash and led to Sammie where I had to clean all the Cum off her tits and pussy and kiss her with a very big load of cum in her mouth. I then felt my Panties slid to the side and felt a very big cock going in my ass and looked up to see another cock going into my mouth. Another crossdresser slid to a 69 with me and I then was sucking two cocks getting my cock sucked and being fucked in the ass. I was with 3 crossdressers and Sammie was with her master and two crossdressers and two female slaves. I am now a full time Crossdresser and Sammie lives and sleeps with her Master. They have given me hormones and I know have small tits. Both of us have been put into a nipple stretching program and have most amazing nipples. Samantha has had two babies and she has milk coming out of her tits 24/7. My hair is down to my ass now and I am 130 pounds,,This is our life now so be carefull when going to a swingers club

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