Wife unknowingly put on a show

I can't help it but I like to have other men watch my wife either naked or in the sex act with me. One time I left the blinds closed but about 2 inches above the window sill and cracked open the window several inches. There were some young guy hanging out several feet away from my window. I knew they were their so I called out to my wife in the next room to come in and lets have sex, loud enough to be heard, I was sure, by them.
Sure enough they started peeking. Wife had no idea and I told her to get naked and shake those tits. I had her blow me, on her knees, then I fucked her in several positions. She always has loud organisms and I would sneak looks to see those guys reactions; their reactions made me even harder. I imagine those young guys jerking off and telling their friends, and that gets me hard without fail.

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  • I’m the same way. I love it when other men see my wife completely naked.

  • I have the same affliction. Yesterday my wife was sending me pictures, to get me in the mood. It was working but I so badly wanted to share them with someone.

  • I also have the same affliction, but I ended up giving into the the temptation and started posting her nudes online.

    You should definitely do that, too. You can crop out her face, if you want, but you’re not going to be able to resist letting other men see your wife’s sexy naked body. Think about how it would feel to show off her pussy. Speaking from experience, it’s an absolute thrill. You’re going to jerk off so much when you do it.

  • Where do you post them?

  • I did a similar thing to my wife she was not aware she was being watched by are neighbour , We had just arrived home from a night out I had to pop outside when I noticed are neighbour looking in are bedroom window . I could have shouted instead i chose not too because it would have been a embarrassing situation all around . When I entered are bedroom I noticed there was a gap in the blinds I found myself making the gap bigger in two places , My wife asked me why I was so excited that night if she only new I striped her and used a dildo on her with in 2feet of the gap , I noticed the shadow there more than once that night and I've done it several times since putting on a dirty show

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