Happened just this morning.

Ever since I have become a shared wife I cant think of anything but sex and I masturbate a lot more now than ever before.
Just this morning after getting the kids off to school I headed back into my bedroom to relax and masturbate .
I closed my eyes and was bring up images of a couple of the guys I have been with and I had one very nice orgasm and was working on my second one fingering my clitty.
I must have left the door unlatched because Bear our one yea old Rottweiler jumped up on the bed with me and wanted to play but I was distracted and he laid his head on my belly looking up at me. My second orgasm happened then and Bear sat up looking around and sniffing the air then with his nose he tried to get under the blanket I was covered with he smelled my fluids as I came.
I was laying on a towel so that Wouldn't get the sheets wet this time and I was laughing and struggling with bear trying to push him off the bed but he was determined and managed to get his nose between my legs and his hot rough tongue parted my pussy and he licked inside of me.
I was still struggling with him and laughing thinking it was so unreal but his rough tongue felt great so I though what the hell lets see where this goes my body was already responding to him.
In just seconds I felt another orgasm build in me and it came crashing down around me like a huge wave leaving me weak and gasping for breath but Bear wisent through yet after tasting my cum and for several minutes I had one orgasm after the other until I was so weak I couldn't move.
Bear finally stopped and laid there licking his cock and I watched wondering of a woman could get a dog to fuck her.


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  • I have read many stories of women who get fucked by their dogs several times a day. That is such a turn on for me. I would love to be the boyfriend of some dog loving girl...i would love watching as her dog buried his hard crimson cock deep inside her shaved pussy. Some ladies make mittens for their dogs front paws so they won't get all scratched up. You may have to guide your dogs dick into your pussy, and when he knots inside you, you won't be able to seperate for maybe a half hour. I'm sure you will get the hang of it. Happy orgasms!

  • Hot. Do it. Type dog into the search bar for this site and you’ll find a recent story written about sandy. There’s a reply to it from a woman who just fucked he chocolate lab and says it’s the most amazing sex she’s ever had

  • I have tried it now but he hasn't gotten the hang of it yet his cock just pokes around as he hops on his back legs I got him in ,e a couple times but he always slips out.

  • I hope you get the fucking you deserve from your dog.

  • I did last night.

  • Tell us about it.

  • Well My husband had to help I mentioned it to him when he got home from work and after the girls went to bed we tried again with the same results but Larry looked on the internet the next day and he found a site that explained how to do it so that night after the girls went to bed we took Bear into our bedroom and put a pair of Larry's heavy socks on his front feet so he wouldent scratch me all to pieces when he got going and Larry made sure the girls were asleep then he spread some peanut butter on my puss and let Bear lick it off and it took a long time peanut butter is very sticky.
    I came then Larry helped Bear up on top of me and he got the idea and started hunching me and Larry guided him into me and then held him there until his knot started forming then Larry pushed him all the way into me and his Nott filled up inside of me and it felt huge .
    I was securely knotted to him and he went nuts fucking like a bunny for about 5 minutes then he just stopped and he was Cumming.
    Larry said we would be stuck together until he finished Cumming so we talked for awhile then I started fingering myself and I came very nicely .
    His cum was very runny to almost like water and it dripped all over my legs until he slipped out of me.
    I was so busy watching him in the mirror on our walk in closet door that I did not cum with him fucking me only when I fingered myself but it was very erotic to say the least.

  • You're right it is erotic as hell! It is soooo wonderful that you have an understanding husband that is okay with helping you. Just thinking about the 3 of you made me cum inside all the silky ladies undies that i love to wear.

    Love wearing women's lingerie

  • Yes I heard of women getting fucked by their dog. It's hot I think.

  • Sick

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