Pretending to be hypnotized

We have a little situation here that is so funny, but things soon change. I want to try to explain some things that have been going on and you may get a good laugh our of it, but it's getting to where it's no laughing matter now.

We have a16 year old nephew that has been practicing hypnosis for a few months now and he has not been doing very well with it. He sometimes uses my wife, Rena, as his practice subject and it has never worked and she is feeling sorry for him. A couple weeks ago, I told her to just pretend that she was hypnotized for him and make him feel good about all his efforts. After all, what harm could it do, so she agreed and OMG, she went along with it and he had her to bark like a dog and do the whole chicken thing. She said it was embarrassing, but funny as hell too.. lol.. She loved the look on his face this time and he now thinks he's mastered hypnosis.. haha.. Oh, it was so hard for her to keep a straight face while barking like a dog and acting like a chicken, but just looking at the proud look on his face, made it all worth it.

Well, last week, he was back over here while I was at work and wanted to try hypnotizing her again, so she went along with him, but things changed. This time he asked her to unbutton her top and she felt trapped, but couldn't all of a sudden stop obeying him, so she did as she told and undid her shirt and let her tits pop out. Next, he asked her to remove her bra and she got very nervous and scared, but decided to obey his command. He started touching her breasts and it made her shiver and really nervous, but went along with it, knowing that she would somehow stop it, if it went any farther. He played with her nipples for a little while and then told her to put her clothes back on and she would not remember anything when he brought her out of the hypnotic spell. She thinks that maybe he was getting a little scared or maybe getting so horny, he needed to quit for this session..

Oh, I know he will be coming back sometime soon and it scares the hell out of her to think of what might happen next. She says that if she agrees to let him hypnotize her again (even though she's not really hypnotized) she would have to appear to be helpless to his advances. She even says that, for some reason or another, it is beginning to get her turned on and that, alone, is scaring the hell out of her, because if he finds out that he is not reall able to hypnotize her, it will literally break his heart and he would be so embarrassed because of what he has already done, so she's asking me for my advice.

I've come up with a plan that might work, without letting him know that his talent has not been yet perfected.. lol. I'm sure that if he comes back for another session, he is surely going to go for the gold and maybe even get, what we think, might be his first piece of pussy. It ain't going to happen here, but Rena likes my plan. I told her that she should just tell him that she is so happy that she can be there for him to use as his subject, but she doesn't want to do it anymore, unless I can be there and see just how funny it is. I know that's not what he wants, but Rena and I both know that since he's already fondled her tits and nipples, he is surely going to be after some pussy very soon.

He is my sister's son and only 16 years old. Rena is 42 and 26 years older than him, so IF anything like that ever happened and if it got out, she could be charged with statutory ****. She's already ashamed of herself for letting that last session go as far as it did, but again, she did not want to hurt his feelings by letting him know that his technique was not working... LOL

Let me just say that IF he was 18 and it turned her on enough, I would just tell her to follow her feelings, but that would be a bad idea anyway. He may come back again with a couple friends and want to try for more.. lol. That is not going to happen, but she has had fun with him so fa


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  • Any updates on the situation?

  • That's a hot story he really is keen on fucking your wife more daring each time I would let him explore her a little more before closing him down

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