I am attracted to stepmum and step sister

My dad has remarried, to a much younger woman, meaning my new stepmum is only 10 yes older than me (37) and she is hot, also she has a daughter from a previous relationship who is 17 (and hot). Age wise I am right in the middle, one ten years older one ten years younger. When my dad first started dating Sarah, I thought she was a milf, but a gold digger, I admired her slender body but hoped they would split up. I have since realised that she does love my dad not just his money, but I can't see her as a real stepmum as she is a total milf. I only met her daughter twice before the wedding but she seemed bratty, albeit with a pretty face. She now lives with us and holy crap she is hot. I saw her in a towel the first night she moved in and I got a semi instantly.
So I live with two different utterly stunning women, I feel guilty at how young my step sister and feel wired about thinking of my step mum that way and I keep thinking of my dad doing her.
Someone help me. I'm so sexually charged right now. Help?


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  • One morning, after living with us for only three weeks, my new step brother got in to my bed. I knew I should’ve been mad, or something, but he was touching me and he was so hot and it felt so good... and I remember him pushing it in to me, looking at me, telling me to be quiet. I wanted to cry out it felt so good. I didn’t even notice he had left the door open like an idiot. We were deep in the throes of it, and I noticed the light in the room change. My new stepdad was in the doorway, smiling. “Make it fast, you two, breakfast is ready.” My stepbrother never stopped or even slowed down. I was mortified. I guess I tensed up because he came right away after that. Going down to breakfast was odd. Knowing my stepdad knew his sons jizz was in me. It was kind of a turn on, though.

  • That's hot, could you feel his jizz come down in to your panties as you ate breakfast. I hope to have a similar experience soon. He was lucky you were ok with it, guess you needed it?

  • First you need to do some flirting with each of them to see if either might be interested in having sex with you. I hope your stepsister is close to 18, because she would be your best bet. I don't know if you would want to hurt your dad, but I'm sure your stepmom would be a hot fuck. Flirt first, then get a little touchy feely, and then passionate kissing leading to undressing each other. Pick a bedroom and enjoy hours of some serious fucking.

  • I would like to fuck them both, but I doubt either will let me. I have begun flirting, only lightly but I have had some results, my stepmum seems quite touchy feely, and has called me cute several times. My step sister, turns out not to be bratty, she just hated my dad, but she likes him now. She seems very comfortable with me, and likes it when I tickle her (opertunity to cop the odd feel of her firm body). I really struggle not to get a boner at home now.

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