I need to confess what happened one day after I had worked the markets and was getting ready for travelling home calling at the public toilets before setting off. As I was sitting on the toilet I noticed there was a hole in the door facing me. All of a sudden there was this eye looking through the hole. My first reaction was anger about to tell this person piss off but for some reason I actually found it embarrassing but exciting. Instead I started playing with my Dick getting bigger and bigger all the time eventually with me gently wanking myself. This is the part I am embarrassed about even nowadays because as my Dick got very big I actually stood up pushing my Dick through this hole and this eye which had been looking at me was replaced by a mouth. this mouth started sucking on my Dick very very expertly within minutes I could feel the feeling comes through my Dick with the actual "cum" exploding into this mouth. The door was still closed at this point. Obviously as I regain my composure I opened the door but there was nobody around even going out of the toilets I couldn't see anybody around but to this day I still get worked up remembering although it was roughly 20 years ago. Incidentally I am happily married and was then as well and even my wife doesn't know this confession

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  • I’ve seen some might hot cocks at those glory holes. Some are thick and short while others are long and thick. I’ve never taken it any further just imagine them inside my wife

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