Used by Strangers to please boyfriend

My boyfriend likes me to dress in slutty outfits and take me to seedy clubs and bars where men will walk up and reach under my skirt or into my panties to grope and fondle me, or just push my head down to their crotch and hold it there as I open their pants to free their cock.

I love the idea of being sent out in public like that, sitting on a bench, or in a park at night with my breasts on show. I would start out in panties, but with instructions that when the first man reaches up under my skirt I have to slide my panties down, out from under my skirt and off my legs and let them do whatever they want to me as my boyfriend watched.
I would know that before long a man would approach me and reach up under my skirt and fondle me. Stroking my pussy, I would silently spread my legs for him. Submissively holding myself open for him, I would let him do what he wanted until he made me cum. Even then I could still not leave. Cum would trickling down my legs or on my face for anyone to see if they looked closely, there would likely be a wet spot on my skirt. My pussy would be exposed under my skirt when I opened my legs and I would remain horny and eager after I had cum. But, I would still have to stay there, opening my legs to expose myself to men, submitting to any who came over and wanted to play with me. Sometimes one at a time and sometimes as a group.

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  • Awesome dirty slut

  • You sound like my neighbor.

  • Your a sweet heart:)

  • Mine too x

  • That’s my dream wife

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